The London Guides

Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), commonly known as Big Ben

The London Guides

With our LA and NY guides out of the way, we’ve turned our attention to London, undertaking a seriously comprehensive overhaul and splitting this vast city into six guides, defined loosely by area and character. Take a walk down any London street to discover a span of hundreds of years just in terms of architecture, which is to say these neighborhoods’ roots run seriously deep. From the idyllic and leafy streets of the West and Southwest, to the gritty and ever-evolving neighborhoods of East London, we’ve included all our favorite old haunts, covered the best of the new openings, and added many gems that had somehow escaped our attention. Like always, our guides are alive and changing, and we’re constantly on the lookout for more.

  • The Mayfair & Marylebone Guide

    The Mayfair & Marylebone Guide

    Home to some of the world’s best hotels like The Dorchester and The Berkeley, all the major international galleries and auction houses, designer flagships, exclusive private clubs, and many of the Michelin star restaurants, Mayfair has always been a haven for the well-heeled, though Marylebone is quickly catching up.

  • The North London Guide

    The North London Guide

    Many would describe London as a series of villages, each with its own architecture, mom and pop shops, and quirky characters, and nowhere is that more true than in North London.

  • The Central London Guide

    The Central London Guide

    Dickens, Mozart, Lenin, Marx, Handel, Virginia Woolf, and the Bloomsbury Group were all one-time central London residents, and that rich history is still palpable today in the old Soho clubs and eateries, and the quiet, residential streets of Bloomsbury that they frequented.

  • The East London Guide

    The East London Guide

    Hackney, Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Clerkenwell are where the artists, creatives, and designers settled in the late 90’s and began to thrive, making this one of the most exciting places to shop and eat, not to mention people-watch.

  • The South of the Thames Guide

    The South of the Thames Guide

    Admittedly, most of the action in London takes place north of the Thames, though South London boasts many hidden gems that are all the more rewarding upon their discovery.

  • The West & Southwest London Guide

    The West & Southwest London Guide

    From Notting Hill’s pastel-colored townhouses to South Ken’s classic Victorian museums, to Knightsbridge with its designer flagships and the legendary Harrod’s, these are the streets of storybook London.

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