Goop Travel Hacks For Any Trip

Travel Hacks for Any Trip

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There are people who travel. There are people who go on vacation. And then there are the ones who glide from one point on the map to another with the grace and skill of the most adroit avian creature. The ability to navigate time zones, packing needs, and security lines with deftness and dignity is nothing short of an art. And since the best travel hacks come from the people who do it the most, we asked goop staffers how they survive—make that thrive—when they’re traveling, whether it’s across the country or across the ocean.

Wendy Lauria

Wendy Lauria

VP of marketing

“When I travel with my toddler, I order diapers online from Amazon and have them shipped to my destination, which frees up packing space.”

  • SILVERCAR Rentals SILVERCAR Rental Silvercar, rates start at $49 per day; get 20 percent off
    your first rental with the promo code GOOP
  • “I pride myself on being an efficient packer and still aim for one carry-on, even when I’m taking a trip with my two-year-old sidekick. Traveling with a toddler is never exactly easy, which is part of the reason I love booking a rental through Silvercar. There’s no bait and switch—I always get the Audi A4 or Q5 I requested. And the checkout process is super simple; it’s done via the Silvercar app in under five minutes. A bonus: You can request a Peg Perego car seat free of charge. The airport pickup service is a lifesaver. It basically means I don’t have to schlep my son through the airport to a car-rental office after a long flight.”

  • Travel Hacks for Any Trip YUMEARTH
    Organic Lollipops YumEarth, $3
  • “Lollipops are the go-to for long flights with my son. Suckers are a treat for him, and I like to think they help with ear pressure. I love YumEarth Organic lollies, which are dye-free.”

Ali Pew

Ali Pew

fashion director

“For long flights, I always book the latest red-eye so I can fall asleep as quickly as possible. If I have a shorter flight, I try to avoid letting it fall over a meal. I think it’s better to eat before you get to the airport or after you land because you have healthier options.”

  • Google Maps App GOOGLE MAPS App Store, free
  • “Whenever I get a restaurant or store recommendation from a friend, I store it in my Google Maps. That way, I don’t have to do too much scheduling in advance. I open Maps and go where I’ve starred. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t end up eating at a random not-good restaurant in Paris. Or anywhere!”

    KONDO Cases Cuyana, $180
  • “Tracking down a functional, pretty jewelry case isn’t an easy feat, but Cuyana figured it out, with a little help from Marie Kondo. I love how the smaller three cases fit inside a larger one. I swap them out depending on what I need for my trip.”

    In-flight Kit The Organic Pharmacy, $90
  • “The Organic Pharmacy’s In-flight kit has all your carry-on needs in one place. I add lotion, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, and Advil, which I always take on a plane—kick a headache before it starts? Reduce inflammation? Not sure why I do it, but it works.”

  • TUMI Extended Trip Packing Case TUMI
    Extended Trip Packing Case Tumi, $795
  • “The best suitcases have a hard case and four wheels for easy gliding. This is especially clutch when you’re traveling with multiple bags. I recently added this Tumi bag to the mix.”

Heaven Saunders

Heaven Saunders

Assistant Site Merchandiser

“My boyfriend lives in Copenhagen, so we often meet up somewhere in Europe. I start packing a week before and map out my outfits based on whatever we’re doing. So a day of sightseeing calls for an easy dress and sneakers. And since I’m going to end up repeating outfits, I try to change things up with a cool pair of earrings.”

Nandita Khanna

Nandita Khanna

editorial projects director

“I recently signed up for CLEAR on a work trip to Austin after seeing signs for it at LAX. If you’re a procrastinator like I am and don’t have TSA PreCheck—I know, I know—CLEAR will zip you through the line a little bit faster. It’s a great option if you fly a lot domestically. It’s available at JFK and LGA in New York; in Washington, D.C., and Seattle; at LAX; and more.”

Noora Raj Brown

Noora Raj Brown

VP of communications

“I’m based in New York and travel constantly for work, so I need a plane outfit that’s comfortable but polished enough to go straight to the office. I love the look of fancy flats with a fuzzy sweater and jeans. It checks all the boxes. I have a beautiful pair of Rochas velvet slides that I scooped up at a rare goop sale, but these bow tie ballet flats from the Row are next on my list.”

  • G. Spotting App G. SPOTTING App Store, free
  • “Admittedly, I’m a vacation overplanner. Our travel app, G. Spotting, is my most trusted resource: It’s really well curated and a gold mine of ideas. Every listing is a personal recommendation from GP, one of her friends, or someone who works at goop. Plus, it has local emergency numbers and guidelines for restaurant reservations.”

  • THE ROW Elodie Satin Ballet Flats THE ROW
    Elodie Satin Ballet Flats MatchesFashion, $745
    Discovery Set goop, $125
  • “My friends and I are obsessed with skin care (side note: There’s a great New Yorker article that might explain the psychology behind that). Without fail, the plane always messes up the balance of my overcomplicated skin-care routine, and I’m guilty of wearing sheet masks on flights to prevent that. The goop Discovery Set is TSA-approved and contains exactly what I need to restore order to my skin…and perhaps my life.”

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