The Summer Road Trip Guide

thirty something male and blonde woman in vintage convertible sports car driving.

The Summer Road Trip Guide


Roads are clear and kids are out of school—summer is the ideal time for an old-fashioned American road trip. Below, our spin on three classics, complete with our favorite spots to eat, drink, and sleep along the way.

  • Maine


    Maine’s Route 1 road trip is as quintessential New England as the West Coast’s Route 1 drive is classic California. If you happen to be picking your kids up from a New England sleepaway camp at the end of the…


  • California


    Driving Route 1 is an iconic California experience, and one that’s made immeasurably easier by the fact that the road passes through cities and towns that are equipped for visitors—meaning that the hotels …


  • Utah & Wyoming

    Utah & Wyoming

    It goes without saying that Yellowstone is one of the America’s most compelling National Parks—in addition to being the country’s first (established well before Roosevelt’s time, by President Ulysses S. Grant), it lends itself…


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