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A comprehensive refresh of our San Francisco guide is a little overdue. But in our defense, every week there’s a great new restaurant or coffee shop opening that promises to be the next Chez Panisse or Blue Bottle. Speaking of the former, we’ve rounded up the best spots in Berkeley, Oakland, and Sausalito, too, since they’re catching up to their famous neighbor in a big way. Four ways to slice the city—kids, hipster, classic, foodie—plus a guide to the Napa Valley, too.

  • The Classic Guide

    The Classic Guide

    As one of the most quintessential and iconic cities in America, San Francisco is also one of its most picturesque. Here, many of the standards you’ve loved over the years, plus newer arrivals that have already achieved classic status.

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  • The Foodie Guide

    The Foodie Guide

    With the grande dame Chez Panisse leading the charge, San Francisco has beckoned people who love to eat for decades—and set many of the country’s food trends. Michelin stars are scattered throughout the city, along with plenty of upstarts for more adventurous eaters.

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  • The Hipster Guide

    The Hipster Guide

    While San Francisco is classic to its core, there’s a strong counter culture sensibility that’s always been an essential part of the city—these days, it can primarily be found in places like The Tenderloin, where great new spots are popping up every month.

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  • The Kids Guide

    The Kids Guide

    Dotted with history, plenty of green space, and kid-centric museums, San Francisco is one of the more child-friendly cities around. It’s extremely walkable, plus there’s a strong ice cream game, too.

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  • The Napa Valley Guide

    The Napa Valley Guide

    As total winos, we’re always taking notes on the best spots in Napa (Escapes for Foodies and Wine Lovers). The region’s old greats, like The French Laundry, Opus One, and Auberge du Soleil, will always rank high in our hearts for continuing to set crazy-high standards for food, wine, and luxury. That said, we’ve also discovered some pretty awesome off-the-beaten path wineries and restaurants in Calistoga and Napa’s less-touristy neighbor, Sonoma Valley, that are worth checking out too.

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