The Paris Guides

The Paris Guides

At long last. We walked hundreds of miles, and tried a few too many goose-fat fried potatoes in putting together these guides to Paris (there’s a huge—and free!—city guide app that goes with it). But we can’t really complain: There’s only one Paris. You’ll find about 300 of the city’s best spots, from the classic Bar Hemingway, to the newest Michelin starred arrivals.

  • Paris in August

    Paris in August

    Paris gets quiet in August, when—in a stroke of brilliance—France gives itself the month off. While many restaurants and boutiques shut down for vacances, some for the entire months, others for a week or so to give their staff a break, there’s something nice about visiting during this quiet spell. And, best of all, some of our favorite places do stay open. Rule of thumb: Bars and restaurants belonging to hotels are always a safe bet this time of year.


  • Kids Guide

    Kids Guide

    While Paris might not come to mind as the most kid-friendly place, it’s actually kind of one giant playground, with some pretty incredible and accessible parks. That, plus the ease of being able to grab a crepe from one of the million stands dotted across the city make it kid nirvana.

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  • Foodie Guide

    Foodie Guide

    Oh the many culinary delights of Paris, from sole meuniere to the simple pleasures of an almond croissant. It seems like there’s a Michelin starred joint on every corner, and an equally wonderful cheese shop or bakery to back it up. Here, our favorites of Paris’ gastro treasures. Image courtesy of @parisinfourmonths

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  • Classic Guide

    Classic Guide

    Paris is overrun with culture-defining institutions, whether it’s its storied cafés, unparalleled art collections, or couture-backed fashion. Here, a handful of spots that epitomize what Paris is all about.

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  • Art & Architecture Guide

    Art & Architecture Guide

    No other city has Paris’s cultural credibility or stores of art: Whether it’s the Louvre, the Pompidou, or its literary legacy, Paris is one of those cities that’s been pace-setting for centuries.

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  • Hipster Guide

    Hipster Guide

    From the Marais to the 11th, Paris is packed with boutiques and restaurants that define what’s cool now. Here, many of Paris’s more envelope-pushing spots (and a lot of the health food joints, too, a concept that’s finally reached France).

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