The New York City Guides

Ever since we reorganized our Los Angeles city guides by neighborhoods, we had our eye on doing the same overhaul in New York. New York’s density packs full and unique personalities into relatively tiny acreage, and organizing our favorite spots by neighborhood has the effect of showcasing what each unique area has to offer—museums and old-school culture Uptown, the constantly-changing food and drink scene in the West Village, and, of course, Brooklyn, which has long been a city in its own right. Below, our favorite new spots, plus all of the old classics we keep going back to.

  • The Uptown Guide

    The Uptown Guide

    While downtown admittedly gets a lot of air time at goop—see our guides to the West Village/Soho, East Village/LES, Tribeca and beyond—we have some loyal uptown girls here, and even those of us who you won’t typically find above 34th Street have their beloved spots uptown.


  • The Midtown Guide

    The Midtown Guide

    Save for the theatre district, this slice of the island has historically been associated with office buildings, salad bars, and little else: When you ask most New Yorkers where to get a great lunch or after work drink, you’re met with blank stares.


  • The Chelsea & Flatiron Guide

    The Chelsea & Flatiron Guide

    There’s a reason that everyone wants to have their office in Flatiron—in addition to being easily accessible from basically any part of the city, its streets are chock-full of great restaurants, bars, and shops.


  • The West Village & Soho Guide

    The West Village & Soho Guide

    Every individual neighborhood in NYC has its charm, but there’s arguably a super-cluster of neighborhoods below 14th street that stretches from the west side into the center of the Manhattan, roughly encompassing: Meatpacking, West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho, Nolita, and Little Italy.


  • The East Village & Lower East Side Guide

    The East Village & Lower East Side Guide

    For whatever reason, the East Village has somehow escaped a lot of the glossifying that other Downtown neighborhoods have experienced over the past several years.


  • The Lower Manhattan Guide

    The Lower Manhattan Guide

    While Lower Manhattan used to be somewhat of a ghost town on the weekends—and a sea of bankers during the week—a lot of businesses have been moving south, and with them, a slew of new shops and restaurants.


  • The Brooklyn Guide

    The Brooklyn Guide

    At this point, Brooklyn is really a city unto itself. The transformation started with Williamsburg, which really put Brooklyn on the map for this generation of New Yorkers, though each neighborhood has its own little personality and…


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