The goop Team Getaway

The goop Team Getaway

A few weeks ago, we made a pilgrimage south to Rancho Valencia, a small-but-mighty resort nestled in the mountains near San Diego. While they’re known for their gorgeous tennis courts, spa, and pool, there would be (only a little) of that for us: We busted out the oversized sticky note posters and powerpoint presentations and spent two days really talking about goop—both the brand, and the business, and ultimately, everything that we want it to be.

There are many things that are coming imminently that we wanted to hammer out—a deeper buy in the goop shop, including more clean beauty and the launch of a kitchen shop; daily content on the site, instead of only posting on Thursday mornings, which has been our hallmark since GP launched the newsletter in her kitchen in 2008; and the promise of goop’s own label of goods, across a handful of key categories. All exciting stuff, only made possible by all of your loyalty and support. (Speaking of: Ideas of what you’d like to see us do or make are always welcome at feedback [@] goop [dot] com. We would love to hear from you.)

Meanwhile, meet the goop team.

  • Namaste y’all. L-R: Alison Wyatt (CRO), Brittany Weinstein (head of collaborations), Blair Lawson (head of beauty), Elise Loehnen (editorial director), Kimberly Kreuzberger (vp of brand partnerships & sales), Lisa Gersh (CEO), Gwyneth Paltrow (CCO and founder), Daphne Kwon (CFO).

  • Bird, plane, UFO?

  • We got really comfy in the main lobby by the firepit. #vitamind #crowdsourcing #couchhogs

  • #bossladybossingusaround

  • #allyoucaneatguacamole

  • Like Sundays at home, but better: New York Times and fresh squeeze OJ, delivered.

  • Work trips for working moms: The great promise of uninterrupted sleep.

  • Required reading: The Collaborative Way.

  • We cleaned the kitchen out of leafy greens.

Meet the whole goop team

Rancho Valencia Recipes

Brainstorming works best with brain fuel, like seven-layer chocolate cake. Rancho Valencia isn’t messing around in the kitchen—from addictive buffalo chicken bites to pretty perfect guacamole—and they kept us (perpetually) well fed.

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