The Best Taco Trucks, Restaurants, and Mezcal Joints Around London

For many years, Londoners made due with a limited number of options when it came to tacos. Thankfully, four fantastic new players have hit the scene, and we’ve done the heavy lifting (mostly eating) and visited them all; and, we’re happy to report, they’re all solid options, and diverse enough to merit a visit each. Here, our guide to the London taqueria craze, along with a few must-try mezcal shops and taco stands scattered around town.

The Nouveau Taco

  • Corazón


    With its terrazzo-tile bar, kitschy neon lights, and Art Deco entrance, Corazón could easily be tucked away on a side street in Mexico City. And the menu, with its tribute to the city’s famed tuna tostadas at Contramar, really drives it home. This place has the heart (corazón en español) and soul of an authentic Mexican comfort-food eatery with old-school snacks like shrimp cocktail Campechana-style, classic tacos, and arguably the best margarita in town. It’s easy to while an afternoon away here, just like in good ol’ DF.

  • Breddos


    Pretty much anyone in London with a passion for a gourmet taco puts Breddos at the top of their list. Having spent years on the London street-food scene, the guys behind Breddos finally opened up this brick-and-mortar in December, boasting a fancy new tortilla machine imported from Mexico and their own interpretation of authentic Mexican-style Coca-Cola (made with real sugar cane). The guys behind this laid-back joint—where vinyl is played loudly at all times, the art on the walls veers more hipster than kitsch, and every foodie in London seems to flock—have spent years traveling throughout Mexico and the US, and it shows: They’ve mastered their own brand of Mexi-meets-Cali cuisine. Go with a friend and order one of everything to share—the tacos and tlayudas merit all the hype. Their mezcal list, split between permanent fixtures and guest varieties, might just be the best in town, too.

  • Tacos El Pastor

    Tacos El Pastor

    It always helps when the restaurateur has actually spent time in the place the cuisine they’re peddling hails from. In the case of the Hart brothers—the guys behind the wildly successful, Barrafina—and their partner Crispin Somerville, they didn’t just live in Mexico City, they also ran one of the best clubs that ever was: the sadly now-defunct El Colmillo. They just so happened to have teamed up with one of the best taco chains in Mexico, El Farolito, for their menu. They built a custom taco machine (they will proudly show you if you ask) and brought in a master taquero over to London to show the team the ropes and man the Pastor. They also use authentic, non-GMO grains from small producers, have a broad and respectable Mezcal list, and will serve you—in Spanish, if you like—with a big grin. Located in the heart of Borough Market, this spot oozes loud, buzzy Mexican vibras.

  • Temper


    Temper is chef Neil Rankin’s first foray into London’s culinary big leagues, with all the space, high design, and hype that goes along with it—and it’s great. Greeting guests upstairs are a humble tortilla machine, some sacks of maize, and a few bottles of mezcal, innocently belying the dark, clubby man-cave below. Here, it’s all about performance: All eyes are on the kitchen, where burly dudes grill, char, smoke, and blow-torch hunks of meat and fish, served up on beautifully handmade tortillas. While the Mexican roots here are undeniable, the tacos, grilled meats, and side-dishes here are otherworldly. After a couple rounds of blowtorched mackerel, beef fat and aged cheeseburger tacos, diners emerge from Rankin’s cave stuffed, a little drunk, and reeking of barbecue, which only adds to the experience.

Mezcal and More

  • Brahms & Liszt

    Brahms & Liszt

    Nothing pairs better with tacos than mezcal, and for the best selection in London, look no further than Brahms & Liszt. Owner Melanie Symonds has amassed a collection of bottles for the most discerning tastes after years traveling through Mexico—where she found a mezcal maestro to work with and produce her own distinctive variety, Quiquiriqui—so she’s a veritable fountain of knowledge on the subject. While it’s worth going in just to browse, a tasting session here takes the experience to a whole new level.

  • Salsas Latin Street Food

    Salsas Latin Street Food

    Journey way-east to the parking lot on Cable Street in Limehouse and you will reap the rewards in the form of the Santos taco truck. Everything here comes served with heaps of fresh toppings and a serious serving of chipotle mayo. Those in the know go for the fried chicken taco.

  • Killa Dilla

    Killa Dilla

    Part of a massive rehaul of the formerly mediocre Camden Lock food market is Killa Dilla, Willy Leigh and Josh Whiting’s cheesy, fatty, delicious take on the American version of the Mexican quesadilla. These ‘dillas come with a sizeable dousing of melted cheese and meat. Needless to say, this is one of the very best, most indulgent snacks, whether you go for the smoked beef short-rib or the succulent chicken thigh version.

  • Luardos


    Quite possibly the OG Mexican taco truck in London, Luardos has been going strong since 2007, perfecting the art of the fresh taco, burrito, and now, torta, at their permanent spot at Kerb Camden Market. They are close to undefeated when it comes to authentic flavor, adding in new menu options only once they’re absolutely bulletproof. With two trucks and one stand, these guys get around—they’re available for catering, too.