The Best Food Shops in London

London is pretty much a picnic-goers dream in terms of specialty shops for anything from tiffin tins to scrumptious freshly-baked goods. Here are just a few of our favorite shops from our London City Guide where we stocked up for a classic Hampstead Heath picnic.

Labour and Wait & Toast

These are both great shops for stylish, utilitarian blankets, plates, utensils, and more.


We found our focaccia and chocolate cookies at Ottolenghi, a restaurant, bakery, and deli that makes remarkably delicious food to-go.

The Natural Kitchen

We stopped at The Natural Kitchen for our chicken breasts for the cutlet sandwiches. The Natural Kitchen is a butcher, grocer, and deli in Marylebone, dedicated to working with small production local farms.

Planet Organic

The veggies on our picnic menu came from Planet Organic, an awesome one-stop supermarket for all things organic in London.

La Fromagerie & Daylesford Organic

La Fromagerie and Daylesford Organic both offer a beautiful array of carefully selected fruits and vegetables, specialty foods, breads, and cheeses.