The Arts Club Opens a Hotel

We’ve never been shy about our affection for the Arts Club in Mayfair, a members-only space replete with restaurants and a great bar. This week, they’re opening a natural extension of their offerings: 16 gorgeously-appointed hotel rooms—available for members and friends of members—which offer access to 24-hour butler service and all of the club’s restaurants, bars, and community spaces. In true Arts Club style, this expansion also means major additions to their already significant art collection—they’ve added a second John Baldessari, a work by Guy Bourdin, and pieces from several up-and-comers.

The rooms themselves are wide and spacious (especially for London) and decorated in an old-school, classically art-deco style with chevron hardwood floors, huge headboards, and claw-foot tubs. As you’d expect, the Penthouse is fantastic, with exceptional views of the London skyline.