Fond Lake-View Saunas and Sustainable Jeans: What We’re Talking about This Month
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Lake-View Saunas and Sustainable Jeans:
What We’re Talking about This Month

In partnership with our friends at FOND Bone Broth

At goop, we’re always looking for perfect gifts to buy, great places to eat, and under-the-radar brands to shop. So when it comes to what’s new or the cool and obscure, we often turn to our coworkers for their advice and brilliant recommendations. Each month, we share the fifteen best things the goop team is currently loving, including the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, and the voices we’re listening to.


Gut Nourishment, Delivered

“I personally try to drink at least a cup of bone broth every day for both gut and skin health—also because my appetite tends toward the ravenous, and I love the warm and the savory. GP and Dr. Will Cole made me into a more fervent believer than ever, and then I discovered FOND Bone Broth, which ticks every bone-broth box I could think of and more. It is delivered to your door in glass Mason jars inside a cute, super solid recyclable box. It’s made with only pasture-raised organic chicken bones and organic produce, herbs, and spices. And it’s fantastically delicious. I love all eight flavors, made with ingredients like fresh turmeric root, apple cider vinegar, and shiitake mushrooms, and I love getting the skin and body benefits of collagen in every sip. I also use it all the time when I’m cooking.”—Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

FOND BONE BROTH, FOND, from $8.99. Get 20 percent off at with code GOOP20.


Photo Finish

“One of my favorite gifts to give is a book of photographer Gray Malin’s dreamy Slim Aarons–inspired travel photography. Now that we can travel again, Malin’s new book, Gray Malin: The Essential Collection, is the perfect resource to plan that grand finale to eighteen months of pandemic living. The photos cover all seven continents, from long, lingering beach days in Positano to the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Antarctica. It’s wanderlust at its finest.” —Noora Raj Brown, SVP of communications



Good to Glow

“First, it was her Glow Drops. Then the Hyaluronic Serum. But what really got me hooked on Dr. Barbara Sturm’s line of cleanical beauty was the signature SturmGlow facial at her sparkling new spa in West Hollywood that’s a little bit futuristic, sleek as hell, and stocked with all kinds of jars of coddling creams and droppers dipped in silky serums. Spend an afternoon sweating it out in the infrared sauna and then try not to drift off in one of the treatment rooms as a Sturm-trained aesthetician smothers layer upon layer of calming cleansers and mascne-soothing salves onto your face. Heaven.” —Alyssa Geiger, senior editor



Jean Therapy

“Because the fashion industry is so polluting, I’m very picky about where I get my clothes when I buy them new. I just got my first pair of jeans from Boyish, a denim brand that’s committed to ethical practices that leave less of an impact on our planet. I love that Boyish makes its sustainability reports and fiber guidelines public so I know exactly what I’m getting. I’ve been wearing my new Ziggy jeans on repeat—with frilly blouses, sporty tanks, and over my bikini on the way to the beach. And since it’s going to be a toasty summer: I have my eye on the Bradley shorts, too.” —Kelly Martin, associate editor

THE ZIGGY, Boyish, $168


Give Me a Lake

“The magic of the charming and secluded Lake House on Canandaigua is that everything—from the wooden Adirondack chairs for lounging by the lake to the bedrooms with four-poster beds hand-hewn in Brooklyn, walk-in showers with rainfall showerheads, and spacious white-fenced balconies with views of the gardens and firepits—seems designed to put you at ease. Spend the morning at the extensive spa, where the enormous tubular sauna with a full-wall arching window overlooking the lake was my favorite treatment, along with the ice-cold shower right outside. Get the spa’s Born Bathing Begin Again mist made with frankincense and sage—I misted it on postsauna, and it smells incredible.” —Brianna Peters, associate beauty editor



Read Receipts

“For June’s goop Book Club, we are reading one of my all-time favorite novels. The Ensemble follows four friends who make up an ambitious string quartet as they move through adulthood and try to sort out their complicated relationships to music and one another. You can get a feel for the beginning of the story here.” —Kiki Koroshetz, editorial wellness director



Blanket Statement

“There are throws, and then there are One Wednesday throws. What makes these so functional is the size. Each is big enough to cover a California king bed and lightweight enough to bring to the beach. And to round it all out, One Wednesday is a female-founded brand. All of its throws are made of ethically sourced hand-loomed Turkish cotton. Use one for your couch, on your bed, for the beach, or as a baby blanket or give it as a gift. You can’t go wrong.” —Sandra Slusarczyk, associate fashion editor



Make a Getaway

“I haven’t spent much time in Santa Barbara, so I knew I had to visit. My boyfriend and I recently stayed at the Palihouse, and it was dreamy. Located in the heart of Santa Barbara’s historic Presidio neighborhood, it was a quiet and relaxing getaway. I love the Mediterranean-style architecture, and the hotel bar is a great spot to grab a cocktail before heading out for a bite to eat (we are die-hard pizza fans, and Bettina didn’t fail us). I would definitely go back to the Palihouse for the boutique feel.”
—Juliette Favat, associate art director



Roll with It

“With stay-at-home orders slowly lifting in Los Angeles, I wanted to start getting back into exercise while still enjoying the outdoors. I decided to take up roller skating (one of my favorite pastimes) and connected with movement artist Keon Saghari (also known as @neonkeon on Instagram) for a few lessons in Venice. It was truly one of my favorite experiences—ever. Keon has such grace and style when she moves and teaches. I would highly recommend roller skating to anyone who is looking for a new outdoor hobby. And follow her on Instagram for skate tips. She also sometimes hosts online classes for beginners, which are super helpful.” —Alexis Antoniadis, senior manager, social media

ROLLER SKATING LESSONS, Keon Saghari, price available upon request


Changing Tune

“A good DJ turns you on to music you didn’t know you craved. Music that won’t turn up on the usual streaming services. I’m not saying that Spotify doesn’t serve a purpose: I rely on my Spotify playlists. But when I discovered Radiooooo, I opened a secret portal to fun and interesting international tunes. It’s a free app, although I suspect you’ll want to upgrade just to support such a noble venture. Choose slow, fast, or weird. Choose a decade. Choose a country on the adorably designed map. Try Ghana in the 1970s.” —Gerda Endemann, senior director, science and research



Cuckoo for Cacao

“I recently found out that when it comes to desserts, none of my friends are into chocolate. This is particularly egregious to me because chocolate is my love language. It made me question a lot about these people I thought I knew, people who would choose a sour gummy over a piece of fudge. I am now on a chocolate campaign and was recently introduced to a new brand called Savage Chocolate. It was founded by Alexa Silvaggio, a meditation and yoga teacher, who had a dream of creating something that you could savor. The chocolate comes in delicious flavors. My favorites are Mint Condition and Orange Peel. If you love chocolate, please check out this brand, and let’s also be friends.” —Cait Moore, associate director of experiential marketing

SAVAGE ARRAY À LA CARTE, Savage Chocolate, $46


To Beach Her Own

“A few weeks ago, I escaped to Sayulita, Mexico, for a little R&R. Every day, we hiked through the jungle on beautiful beaten paths to remote beaches. I spent most of my time swimming and reading. After long, leisurely days in the sun, we explored the colorful streets and had the most amazing food. My favorite thing I ate when I was there was a from a little restaurant called El Itacate. It has amazing steak tacos. But the standout dish is the Itacate. It’s a burrito, but it’s wrapped in crispy cheese instead of a tortilla. It’s served with a bunch of flavorful salsas and toppings—and of course an ice-cold Corona.” —Jenna Cady, assistant buyer, beauty and wellness



Great Import

“I discovered these South African botanical vinegars at the farmers’ market in Nashville. I put them on everything. They’re potent without being overwhelming, and they somehow manage to level up any dish. Here’s the easiest, most delicious summer treat: I take locally grown peaches, cut them in half, glaze them with the hibiscus and vanilla vinegar, grill them until caramelized, and then serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.” —Emma Brophy, editorial assistant

BOTANICAL VINEGAR, Rozendal, from $30



“I was on a weeks-long search for the perfect sandals. I was thinking something a little ’90s with a low, chunky heel. They had to be made using environmentally friendly materials and practices, fall right at my sweet spot for price, and be cute. I ordered two nearly identical pairs from TIJN Home: the gold Karina Slippers and the persimmon Katelyn Slippers I was pleasantly surprised to find that they’re way more comfortable than any other heel I’ve set foot in, with soft soles that aren’t loud on hardwood floors—can my fellow introverts relate to that ridiculous but very real distress?” —Viva Wittman, junior creative copywriter



Table Read

“When’s the last time you sat down to read a coffee-table book? Not flip through the pretty pages, but really read it? If your coffee table, like mine, happens to have Jasmin Hernandez’s dazzling tome on it, then the answer is the last time you sat at your coffee table. Hernandez is the founder of Gallery Gurls, a writer for several impressive outlets, a vocal supporter of artists of color, and so much more. Which brings me back to her debut book. Hernandez profiles fifty BIPOC artists and art workers, many of whom are members of the queer, trans, and nonbinary communities. The words are engaging and enlightening, and the photography is thrilling. Your coffee table is waiting.” —Kate Wolfson, VP of content


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