No More Airport Sponge Baths: Hotels by Day

New-to-us travel tool Hotels By Day is shaping up to be a game-changer for city-to-city travel: It lets you snag unoccupied hotel rooms for the day, at a discounted price. In other words, it’s a genius solution to a myriad of travel-related issues: A last-minute nap when you’re jet-lagged, a place to shower and get ready, an impromptu (but blessedly quiet) office for work emergencies, or even an excuse to use the gym or other amenities. While our favorite luxury hotels have been slow to sign on, the service has remarkable breadth—you can be sure to find a place no matter what neighborhood you’re in—and every airport hotel worth its snuff is a participant. Here’s to never brushing your teeth in an airport bathroom again. P.S. The UK’s caught on too, with Dayuse.

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