goop Getaway:
Family Time in Miami

In partnership with our friends at VISIT FLORIDA

Miami is many things all at once: a tropical oasis, a bustling metropolis, a world-respected creative capital, a cultural melting pot with some of the most exciting food in the country. But more than anything else, Miami is a city that welcomes everybody—old and young, tall and tiny—with open arms. There’s something so optimistic about this city. Maybe it’s the vibrant pinks and blues that saturate every street corner, the salty Atlantic breeze, or the energy of the people. Miami is dynamic; its exuberance is palpable. Whatever the secret is, it means we can never stay away for too long, and thankfully, the little humans we often have in tow agree. Because on top of everything else, Miami—like Florida in general—is a great place for kids.

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