GP Scrapbook: Mii Amo

According to the Native American dialect indigenous to this particular corner of Arizona’s Red Rock Country, Mii amo loosely means “journey”—fitting, since this incredible spa features the sort of transformative experiences that can only come from a time-honored, deeply spiritual approach to whole-body wellness. While the 16-suite spa compound is nestled within the grounds of sister resort, Enchantment, its claim to fame is unparalleled privacy, which combined with top-notch service and the other-worldly backdrop of Boynton Canyon, makes sinking into a state of next-level relaxation and healing that much easier. Similarly, the rates, whether for a three-day recharge or a fully immersive, week-long retreat, deliberately account for every aspect of a stay—meals, activities, spa visits, etc.—so guests can focus solely on themselves rather than whipping out their credit cards at every meal. Programs, or “journeys,” are also designed to cater to individual needs and call on traditional mind-and-body work as well as alternative approaches, which can range from private sessions with the on-site astrologer to cranial sacral therapy to past-life exploration by way of hypnosis. (See all of our favorite wellness spas, here.)

Here, some snapshots from GP’s recent stay.