10 goop Editors Are Dreaming of Vacation—and They’re Dreaming Big

Photograph courtesy of Kamalaya, Koh Samui

10 goop Editors Are Dreaming of Vacation—and They’re Dreaming Big

In a time of so much tangible suffering, pining for hot sand or the tiny café in Rome with the ancient tiles and extra-strong espresso can feel selfish, but we’re human, and we dream. Some of us are (in our imaginations) tasting briny anchovies in Positano, while others are inhaling the earthy scent of fir trees in Big Sur, listening to the thunder of Kauai’s waves, or feeling the damp, impossibly fresh-smelling mist on their faces in Ireland. We’ve got ten bucket-list trips here, each one dreamier than the next.

  • Kamalaya<br><em> Koh Samui, Thailand</em>

    Koh Samui, Thailand

    “Past-life regression, acupuncture, Pranayama breathwork, daily yoga, and Qigong. Lap pool, leisure pool, secluded beach, private villas overlooking secluded beach. Lush greenery, gardens everywhere. Foot massage with herbal soak, Indian head massage, and something called the royal Ayurvedic massage (heavenly). I mean, what? The only downside to the seven days I spent being spoiled at Kamalaya on Koh Samui in Thailand was that I kept thinking someone was going to tell me it was a mistake and I wasn’t meant to be there. I miss the pumpkin soup and coconut milk dandelion coffee ‘cappuccino’ (because yes that was a thing, and even that was really good).” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

  • Lofoten Islands<br><em> Norway</em>

    Lofoten Islands

    “It may seem strange, but when this time of social distancing is over, I’m looking forward to going someplace remote. A couple of years ago, I visited the Shetlands and the Faroes, and it gave me a taste for windswept northern islands. Next up: I want to go even farther north, to drive through the Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea. I’m dreaming of tiny fishing villages with houses, churches, and boats in primary reds and blues; deep fjords carving through craggy, snow-capped granite peaks; and beaches—white, sandy beaches, in fact—with water that is such a shimmering, crystal-clear shade of turquoise, you almost forget how frigid it is. Oh, and puffins. Did I mention puffins?” —Aura Davies, deputy editor

  • Le Sirenuse<br><em> Amalfi Coast, Italy</em>

    Le Sirenuse
    Amalfi Coast, Italy

    “For years—many years—I’ve dreamed of going to the Amalfi coast, specifically to the hotel Le Sirenuse. Despite having lived in Italy and traveled there relatively often, I never made it. I have a weird psychic-block-esque thing where I believe what I want most to be off-limits. I watched and rewatched The Talented Mr. Ripley; I shopped for both dresses and pillows from the hotel’s wildly chic online store (but did not purchase anything, except a pillow for a friend, which was somehow allowable). This went on for actual years. In a dramatic step forward, I had finally made plans to go there—on a weeklong wellness retreat, with ten miles of hiking a day, yoga, massage, and a vegan chef, no less—in the middle of…March 2020. I was checking packing lists (on the unbelievably fabulous acid-yellow Le Sirenuse stationery) and winnowing down my caffeine intake, in full denial until the hotel wrote to say they would have to temporarily close. So I’m dreaming—as I always do—of Le Sirenuse. I’m dreaming of hikes along cliffs that plunge precipitously to an impossibly blue Mediterranean, yoga on terraces, vegan pesto on fresh tomatoes, sunsets, lemon groves, stretching out like the topless sunbathers in the many Slim Aarons photos, discovering turquoise grottos à la Monica Vitti or Sophia Loren, sifting through fantastically patterned dresses and odd pieces of china in the shop, listening to the most beautiful language on earth lilting through the streets, and drinking a dry white from Franciacorta with the sun on my face at a tiny café in town, celebrating what incredible shape I’m in after a week of super indulgent self-restraint.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

  • Hôtel Belles Rives<br><em>Côte d’Azur, France</em>

    Hôtel Belles Rives
    Côte d’Azur, France

    “Prepandemic, I traveled a lot—all in the name of research, of course. Now that I’m officially grounded, much of my actual dream time (anybody else’s sleep extremely off?) is occupied with insanely vivid screenshots of places I’ve been before. Currently, my nightly twists and turns center around a sublime coastal pile in the South of France—the Art Deco, once-upon-a-time home of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hôtel Belles Rives. Vignettes from my last few nights of restless, wanderlust-y slumber have included: coupes of champagne on the bougainvillea-strewn terrace to the tinkling of live jazz on the piano; climbing up and down the jetty steps into the Côte d’Azur’s summer bathtub, aka the Mediterranean; waking up in a tangle of silky white sheets to flaky croissants and orange juice with the windows thrown open to the morning breeze. Mainly though, I dream about feeling baked-by-the-sun warm. I’m taking all of the REM activity as a sign that once the pandemic passes and the skies reopen, a ticket to Nice and a French 75 are on my calendar.” —Rachael McKeon, travel editor

  • Post Ranch Inn<br><em>California, United States</em>

    Post Ranch Inn
    California, United States

    “I’m a Sagittarius, so planning new adventures is the only thing that gets me going. And anywhere within car’s reach—with a flexible cancellation policy—where my hypochondriac husband won’t have heart palpitations seems safe (hopefully?) for the nearish future. So after a couple glasses of wine at dinner the other night, I suddenly found myself browsing the Post Ranch Inn’s website. A few clicks in and I was transported into a rugged redwood wonderland, surrounded by towering trees. I was already mentally packing up my car, breaking out my hiking boots, settling into my seat, pulling onto PCH (windows rolled down, obviously), and winding my way up the glittery coast en route to Big Sur. The drive itself is incredible, plus there are all of those perfect little pit stops you can make along the way—a light lunch in Montecito at the always-charming Jeannine’s and, later, pulling off for an obligatory tasting at Laetitia Winery a few hours farther north in San Luis Obispo (this is my fantasy road trip—I’m not behind the wheel), ensuring we’re well-stocked with Sauvignon Blanc for the long weekend and chocolate goodies for the road. Once we make it to Post Ranch, a secluded cliffside hideaway where there’s nothing to do but breathe in fresh air, gaze at the stars from your tree house, and really disconnect—it’s glamping, but with room service and spa treatments—we’ll contemplate the deep blue sea from our outdoor hot tub.” —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

  • Kauai<br><em>Hawaii, United States</em>

    Hawaii, United States

    “I’ve got to get myself back to Kauai. The island does something to me, both energetically and physically—I feel so charged when I’m there and, weirdly, more flexible. I can’t wait to devour juicy mangoes on hikes. Once I was trekking along Nā Pali state park’s Kalalau Trail and, heaving, took a break to perch on a sunny rock and messily suck the meat off the seed of a mango. I ran into the crashing falls just in front of me to rinse off (it’s hard to not always be somewhat near falls or the ocean). The rush of the cool water, the perfume of the mango—the mangoes on Kauai are positively ambrosial—the neon butterflies zigzagging through the heat: All of it added up to this dizzyingly perfect little scene that I think about often. I love so much about being on the island—spending the entire day in a bikini, not wearing shoes or caring to put on deodorant, how fish tastes so sweet that you have to pound your fist on your thigh after savoring the last piece, and the colorful swirls tinting the sky at sunset, bleeding together so brilliantly that looking at them makes you feel like you’re both not real and more alive than ever.” —Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor

  • Triple Creek Ranch<br><em>Montana, United States</em>

    Triple Creek Ranch
    Montana, United States

    “I am not a country girl by any stretch of the imagination. I’m much more comfortable walking on city sidewalks than on dusty trails, but after all of this is over, I think the serenity of nature sounds pretty damn good. Triple Creek Ranch is at the top of my list: It’s located in the heart of the Bitterroot Mountains in the Montana Rockies. In addition to the incredible sights, they’ve got horseback riding and fly fishing, as well as guided experiences, like yoga on the mountain and mindful forest walks, or you can simply have a glass of wine in front of your private cabin’s fireplace. Taking a scenic float down the Bitterroot river might be my pick for getting the best of both worlds—you just relax while taking it all in.” —Caitlin O’Malley, food director

  • Adare Manor<br><em>Limerick, Ireland</em>

    Adare Manor
    Limerick, Ireland

    “Before the pandemic, I was planning an epic road trip through Ireland with a friend for our summer goopcation. I’m still dreaming about Adare Manor. Just look at it: an 1840s neo-Gothic hideaway on seemingly endless acres of manicured, walled gardens; eye-popping green fields; and medieval ruins. A coworker who’s already been tells me she still thinks about the seasonal tasting menu (with wine pairings, of course) at the Oak Room. For now, I’ll settle for pretending that the summer marine layer in Santa Monica is the morning mist rolling slowly off of Adare’s lawns and river.” —Jessie Geoffray, senior editor

  • Gurney’s Resort & Marina<br><em>Rhode Island, United States</em>

    Gurney’s Resort & Marina
    Rhode Island, United States

    “There’s nothing quite like summer in New England. I know, because I grew up there. So right now, I’m daydreaming about spending a long weekend at Gurney’s Resort & Marina in Newport, Rhode Island. The hotel, being a marina, is surrounded by gorgeous yachts and sailboats. I love lounging in one of the cabanas by the pool: From there, I have a stunning panoramic view of the Newport Bridge. If I don’t feel like moving, I’ll order a lobster roll and an insanely good piña colada from the Pineapple Club, the resort’s iconic outdoor bar. But if I can manage to get up, I’ll make my way into downtown Newport. The old wharves that once supported the city’s shipping trade are still bustling with shops and restaurants, and a walk along them makes you feel as if you were stepping back in time. Taking a sunset ride on Ocean Drive to ogle the Gilded Age mansions is an all-time favorite activity of mine. And after that? A summer craft beer at any one of the bars on Thames Street that happen to be playing live music that night, or maybe a rooftop cocktail at the Sky Bar at Clarke Cooke House.—Justine Baldwin, editorial project manager

  • Rosewood Mayakoba<br><em>Riviera Maya, Mexico</em>

    Rosewood Mayakoba
    Riviera Maya, Mexico

    “The way I manage my at-home restlessness is to plan. The first trip pinned to my travel board is Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya. It’s the wellness getaway I’m so craving—there are tranquil beaches, a lush jungle, and personalized mind, body, and soul rituals for a complete reset. I’m dreaming of the Ayurvedic Conscious Body Ritual treatment. Mayakoba, I miss you!” —Alexis Antoniadis, social media manager