Affordable Sailing Trip:

Yachts & Friends

Yachts & Friends

In 2006, William Wenkel and Erik Biörklund, both in their twenties at the time, founded Yacht Week, a raucous week-long sail by day/rave by night affair where twenty-somethings could rent yachts—skipper included—and island hop from party to party in Greece, Croatia, and Italy. Years later, older and slightly less compelled by booze, they’ve launched Yachts & Friends, a more grown up, yet still surprisingly affordable yacht rental service. Sailing everywhere from the British Virgin Islands to the Adriatic Sea to Ko Phuket, the concept is simple: You and your friends pick your boat, split the fare, and spend a week aboard. The skipper will take you anywhere you want to go, whether you’re in the mood for waterskiing, the beach, a coastal meal, or a nightclub. A hostess, who cooks, cleans, and arranges reservations is extra. We took a spin with them on a 3-bedroom, 37-foot yacht and explored the Dalmatian coast in Croatia: Some highlights, below.

Entering Vis

Entering Vis

Entering Vis, an island where Marshal Tito used to hide—with submarines. It was closed to the rest of the world until 1991.

Fort George

View From Fort George

Fort George, an abandoned fort restored by the Yachts & Friends team, overlooking Vis.


Vis Beach
Grape Piles

Grapes delivered to a restaurant in Komiza, where they’ll be turned into wine: Dalmatia was under Venetian rule for nearly four centuries, hence the Italian influence.


Wind is Up

We caught wind and sailed at a brisk 7 knots on our way back to Split.

Vis Beach

An unreal white pebble beach on the way to Komiza.

Special thanks to Yachts & Friends for the trip to Croatia.