10 NYC Restaurants We Want to Try

NYC is known for sprouting new restaurants seemingly overnight, and there have been a handful of summer openings that we’re especially excited to test out—along with a few more established spots that we’ve somehow missed—but we’ll fix that soon. Below, the top 10 spots on our to-try list.

  • Emmy Squared

    Emmy Squared

    364 Grand Street,Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718.360.4535

    Pretty much everyone we know is giving the Detroit-style pizza at Emmy Squared in Williamsburg rave reviews, although there’s a nice line-up of Italian sandwiches here, too: spicy meatball, spicy chicken, and chicken parm, all served on pretzel buns. The restaurant was unveiled this spring by the same couple behind Emily, the duo’s original, widely loved pizza-centric spot in Clinton Hill.

  • High Street on Hudson

    High Street on Hudson

    637 Hudson Street, New York, NY | 917.388.3944

    This is Chef Eli Kulp’s NYC outpost, a corner-cafe-meets-restaurant in the West Village. (The original location, also well reviewed, is in Philadelphia.) The bakery here is a big draw, and you’ll find most of High Street’s pastries and breads incorporated into their breakfast menu, but we’re just as keen to head here for dinner.

  • Le Turtle

    Le Turtle

    177 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002 | 646.918.7189

    A partnership between Taavo Somer (Freeman’s) and Carlos Quiararte (The Smile), the French-inspired food at Le Turtle is supposed to be great, but people are really coming for the experience: the wild interior (two-way mirrors, shiny surfaces, neon lights, and so on) seems like a sight to be seen.

  • Kings County Imperial

    Kings County Imperial

    20 Skillman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718.610.2000

    In the year since it opened, Kings County has become known for their spot-on take on classic Chinese dishes. The fun back garden patio and excellent cocktail list also help the cause.

  • Cafe Altro Paradiso

    Cafe Altro Paradiso

    234 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013 | 646.952.0828

    Located in SoHo, Cafe Altro Paradiso is the second restaurant from Ignacio Mattos (chef) and Thomas Carter (sommelier and front-of-house)—their first was the brilliant Estela in NoLita. This Italian restaurant is much bigger than tiny Estela, and said to be less about the presentation and look of the dishes, and all about really good, un-fussed-over food.

  • Günter Seeger

    Günter Seeger

    641 Hudson Street New York, NY, 10014 | 646.657.0045

    Chef Günter Seeger made a name for himself in Atlanta (Seeger’s was one of the best restaurants there for many years), but he got his start as a bartender, so his restaurants have always been known for their great wine lists. His first NYC restaurant is a formal prix-fixe, and the menu changes every day.

  • Lilia


    567 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY | 718.576.3095

    Set in a former garage in Williamsburg, Lilia’s industrial décor is made up of light wood, white furniture, tall windows, and skinny black lamps. It’s Missy Robbins’ first solo restaurant—she was at Spiaggia when they won a James Beard, and A Voce when they got their Michelin Star. The pasta dishes are the reason to go, but people also love Lilia’s grilled seafood.

  • Le Coucou

    Le Coucou

    138 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10013 | 212.271.4252

    The chef responsible for Le Coucou’s menu, which is made up of old-school French classics, is Daniel Rose, who is also behind Spring, one of GP’s favorite restaurants in Paris. And the interior is by the brilliant Roman and Williams.

  • B’klyn Burro

    B’klyn Burro

    922 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY | 718.622.8776

    B’klyn Burro was operating out of food trucks and other kitchens before they landed in their permanent, order-at-the-counter spot in Clinton Hill. Their specialty is S.F. Mission District-style Mexican food. The menu is tight—of course there are burrito options, plus tacos, quesadillas, and suiza.

  • Pasquale Jones

    Pasquale Jones

    187 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

    Wood-fired-style Pasquale Jones is another new-ish pizza spot that people are adding to the tops of their best-of-NYC lists. Reservations are limited, so walk-ins encouraged, and we hear good things about their ambitious wine list.