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The goop Origin Story:
A Timeline

While we’re always reluctant to promote a linear theory of time, anniversaries give us a welcome excuse to look back at how far we’ve come, and all the little milestones along the way…

B.N. Before Newsletter.
  • 1971

    Computer scientist Ray Tomlinson uses the @ sign to send himself an email.

  • 1972

    GP is born.

  • 1994

    GP in Jefferson in Paris

    GP films Jefferson in Paris. On set, she begins her tradition of asking the crew for their local café and restaurant recs, which she continues throughout her career to curate lists of the best places to visit.

  • 1997

    After a lot of research and testing, GP bakes a dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free muffin for her dad. He gives her constructive feedback: “It’s like biting into The New York Times.”

  • 1999

    GP does the Master Cleanse—her first. (Wouldn’t recommend.) She also tries a macrobiotic diet for the first time.

  • 2004

    GP’s cupping marks, photographed at the Anchorman premiere, cause a…stir.

  • 2007

    Tracy Anderson and GP exercising

    Tracy Anderson kicks GP’s ass for the first time, and a new TAmily is formed.

    The goop logo with Os like google logo

    Peter Arnell jokes to GP that all successful internet companies have double o’s in their name. goop, there it is.

    GP and Dr. Junger

    GP meets Dr. Junger, and we get with the Clean Program.

  • 2008

    Our first newsletter is sent to 10,377 subscribers. It features recipes for Turkey Ragu and Banana-Nut Muffins.

    Recipe for Turkey Ragu and Banana-Nut Muffin
A.N. After Newsletter.
  • 2009

    We create the first goop detox. Recipes include Broccoli and Arugula Soup, a blueberry almond smoothie, and Detox Teriyaki Chicken.

    Teriyaki Chicken, Arugula Soup, and Blueberry Almond Smoothie
  • 2010

    GP adds learning to meditate to her New Year’s resolutions.

    GP writes about her experience with postpartum depression, introducing a personal essay from Bryce Dallas Howard and an article from a psychologist.

  • 2011

    Gwyneth's first cookbook

    GP’s first cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, comes out and hits the New York Times bestseller list.


  • 2012

    GP models T-shirt

    We collaborate with Kain to design the T-shirt we’ve always wanted. (Yes, it costs $90.)

  • 2013

    GP's second NYT-bestselling cookbook

    GP publishes her second New York Times–bestselling cookbook, It’s All Good. It features a lot of gluten-free, sugar-free (vegetable-forward) recipes. calls it a “Bible of Laughable Hollywood Neuroticism,” writing that she “might have just gone over the edge.” (The gluten-free market in 2020 is projected to reach $23.9 billion.) Star Magazine calls GP the most hated celebrity the same week People names her most beautiful.

    Model showcasing a piece from the capsule collaboration with Stella McCartney

    With Stella McCartney, we launch five pieces for our first capsule collaboration.

    TO LA.

  • 2014

    Conscious Uncoupling Book

    Habib Sadeghi and Sherry Sami’s “Conscious Uncoupling” article crashes the site: Time to get a bigger server.

    Beyonce modeling shoes

    Beyoncé donates shoes to the annual charity closet sale, which crashes the site: still haven’t upgraded to a bigger server.

    Kevin posing at a table

    We make it “official” with our first guy, Kevin.

    Goop shopfront

    The first IRL goop pops up in the Brentwood Country Mart—for a week.

  • 2015

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    GP kicks us out of her barn when we hit fifteen employees.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We write about Tikkun, one of our favorite Korean spas in LA, in a roundup. It remains the only time we’ve ever mentioned vaginal steaming on the site.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We get a second guy around the office. He becomes our second Kevin and our first in-house web developer.

  • 2016

    Our #bosslady is appointed
    CEO by the board.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Our nontoxic skin-care line, goop by Juice Beauty, hits the shop.

    HQ officially moves from NYC to LA.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    G. Label arrives on, and the Pattner Peak Lapel Blazer—named for our employee No. 2, Britt Pattner—becomes an office staple.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We include a $15,000 gold dildo in our first-ever sex issue. No regrets.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We introduce our Edition 01 fragrance, Winter, crafted with perfumer Douglas Little. #altfragrance

  • 2017

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Our first wellness summit, In goop Health, debuts in LA. It is the best day.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Our annual holiday gift guides debut our goop x Christian Louboutin baby shoes. If we could go back in time and rewrite their caption, we would: These expensive, these is red bottoms.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Earth to Gwyneth: The first issue of goop magazine hits newsstands.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We hire our 100th employee. His name is…Kevin. (Hi, Kevin D!)

  • 2018

    The DonorsChoose checkout opt-in is launched, which means that with your goop shop purchase, you can help teachers in your community fund their classroom projects.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Our CFO, Erica Moore, leads the team in ringing Nasdaq’s closing bell in Times Square.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We bring a fourth Kevin into the fold.

    We announce shipping to Canada in an email to our Canadian subscribers. This is also when we learn that using “eh” as a joke is…not that funny to Canadians.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    Our first line of furniture, a real labor of love, launches with CB2.

    We get our first official copy chief, Aura. She is the light of our lives.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    goop gets an IT department:
    two guys and a Yorkie.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We launch our podcast, with a very special inaugural guest: OPRAHHHHHHHHH.

    The goop Origin Story: A Timeline

    We’re back in London for our first international pop-up.

  • 2098

    goop develops the first anti-gravity colonic.

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