Crowd-Funding for: Zoe Cassavetes

Film director Zoe Cassavetes is raising funds for a new film project titled Day out of Days. Below, she explains the impetus for the film.

“I think films are an amazing way of not only telling a story, but in my case, showing a moment in life, a piece of the culture and some of the subjects that we are faced with…”

“Mia (the main character) is a 40 year old actress who’s not only struggling to stay relevant in her profession, but also at a breaking point in her life. She’s a well-rounded human who laughs and cries and makes mistakes and has the courage to go on. The film world is a little short on these subjects and it would be nice to balance that out.”

“I think celebrity and fame has reached out of control proportions and it’s not only affecting people in the business, but it’s seeping into the general public’s consciousness. There is this way of penetrating fame that is open to anyone if they dare to be outrageous enough. The press (and its followers) prey on negativity and every move one makes can be documented now. The quality of the art is kind of low on the list. It’s a strange world and I thought it would be interesting to see how someone navegates through that scenario.”