B.J. Novak’s List App is Live and Awesome

We love a great list over here at goop HQ, so we were pretty thrilled when we first saw B.J. Novak’s app, The List, a social media platform for creating, sharing, and reading, well, lists. The mobile-only app is pared-down, visually speaking, but it’s easy to amp up your lists by adding locations and images to specific entries and making suggestions to lists that others have already made. And even though Novak is primarily known as a funny-man (of course, Lena Dunham, Man Repeller, and Mindy Kaling all have hilarious accounts), the app is surprisingly great for more serious content. Click over to The Chopra Foundation for lists like “The Seven Spiritual Laws” and “7 Practices of Peace” and to NPR for lists like “Superpacs, Explained” and “6 Things You Should Know About the Nuclear Iran Deal.” (And don’t forget to follow goop if you check it out).