Addictive Podcast: Crybabies

Crybabies has a basic, but brilliant premise: It revolves around the topics, songs, movies, commercials, and books that make its guests cry. Actress Sarah Thyre and New Yorker columnist Susan Orlean host the show, and they deftly dig into some complicated spaces in our emotional psyche. Take, for example, the episode with Jenny Slate and psychotherapist/indoor cycling instructor Elizabeth Hill, where Hill explains how music brings her students along on the emotional rollercoaster of a spin class. Another favorite explores the many layers of emotion that create nostalgia with Tavi Gevinson and writer Hilton Als, who are, adorably, great friends. It’s not all breakup songs and sappy movies, either: Interviews with guests like Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas will leave you laughing through the tears.