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The dining room at Cook Space in Prospect Heights


A New TV Show to Love,
Plant-Based Tonics & 13 Other Things
We’re Talking About


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    FOX’s “9-1-1” “From Nip/Tuck to AHS, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk & Co. can do no wrong in my book. And while Angela Bassett and Connie Britton are reason enough to get excited for 9-1-1, the promise of a procedural revolving around first-responders from this particular creative team is really compelling, too. Watch the preview and try not to tear up.” —Kate Wolfson, deputy editor

    9-1-1 premieres on Fox on January 3rd.

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    INTO THE WOODS “As a born-and-raised Canuck with parents who met on a mountaintop, no trip home would be complete without some serious skiing. This year we’re being a little more ambitious than most and hitting the slopes both coasts. First, we head to Jay Peak, a charming mountain in Vermont where I first learned the tricks of the trade and then we travel to Sun Peaks in British Columbia, a breathtaking mountain with tons of powder, incredible views, and a great après ski of course. That’s all to say that it will be a very Canadian Christmas.” —Thea Bryson, social media manager

    Goop 15
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    POSTCARDS FROM BIG SUR “Big Sur has been on the top of my bucket list since we did this California road trip story. Not everything is fully back to normal after last winter’s storms but enough is open (like Deetjen’s inn/restaurant, McWay Falls path, Limekiln State Park). And from Carmel, you can drive south on Highway 1, almost the whole way, until it closes at Gorda. It’s just as beautiful as they say. If you’re also a nerd (or looking for a postcard), don’t miss the Henry Miller Library, which is part memorial (the Tropic of Cancer author called Big Sur home), part bookshop, part hangout in the woods.” —Kiki Koroshetz, editor

    Goop 15
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    INSTANT BEACH WAVES “I’m pretty low-key when it comes to styling my hair, so this sea spray is perfect for my wash-and-go approach in the morning. I just spritz a little bit in my hair when it’s wet and let it air dry. It looks just as good as it does after a day spent at the beach.” —Juliette Favat, assistant photo editor

    Goop 15 FRENCH GIRL Sea Spray, goop, $26
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    HELLO, DARLING “I confess–I tend to judge a book, or magazine, by its cover (and design). The day I stumbled upon Darling magazine was no exception; I was instantly in awe and have been a loyal subscriber ever since. Beyond its stunning editorials with gorgeous typography, inspiring stories, and unretouched images, Darling stands behind an empowering mission of feminism and the art of being a woman. I can’t wait to dive into the winter issue over holiday break at home in Portland.” —Emma Elliott, production designer

    Goop 15 DARLING Issue no. 22 — Expanse, Darling, $20
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    MEDITATION HQ “A New Year’s resolution I actually plan to keep: meditate daily. The NY office recently visited MNDFL‘s stunning Brooklyn studio, and I have to say, it was next level. For 30 (uninterrupted) minutes of sound meditation, I was able to clear my head and really relax. It felt incredible! Plus, the peppermint tea before class doesn’t hurt…” —Kate Steen, associate director, marketing

    Goop 15 MNDFL 30 Session, MNDFL, $18
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    COOK SPACE “The cooking classes (and the epic dinners that follow) at Cook Space in Brooklyn—a chic, raw loft space—are so much fun. You can take Paleo, Ayurvedic, Whole 30, vegan for carnivores, New Orleans cuisine, etc., as either individual classes or a series. All end in a fantastic dinner in the covered-freight-elevator dining room. The space and the teaching team elevate the whole experience to date-night-level fabulousness—so much cooler and sexier than just dinner at a restaurant.” —Jean Godfrey-June, beauty director

    Goop 15 Goop 15

    Photos: Ben Hon and Lauren Kallen (inset image)

    COOK SPACE Cooking Class, Cook Space, from $110
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    THE POWER OF MOMENTS “Maybe it’s because I have two little boys and work a FT job, but I have become acutely aware of how the days are bleeding into each other—and it makes me fearful that my kids will have no stand-out memories. In this fascinating read, the Heath brothers break down what makes experiences memorable, and provide actionable tools for giving both moments and achievements extra emotional heft. It’s ultimately a sociology/pop business book, but it has applications across all of life.” —Elise Loehnen, chief content officer

  • MTN “As a regular at Gjelina and Gjusta, I couldn’t wait to try MTN , Travis Lett’s izakaya-style restaurant on Abbot Kinney. Everyone sits at high communal tables and the menu includes classic Japanese dishes, but what I can’t stop thinking about is the charred sweet potato served with miso butter. It’s so good you’ll probably want to order two.” —Eileen Hayes, fashion editor


    Goop 15
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    BREATHE EASY “I worry a lot about pollution, especially living in LA, and try to keep a lot of plants in my home to help purify the air since indoor toxins are also a concern. I’ve been obsessed with Molekule because it not only purifies the air but also eliminates the actual pollutants—even the tiny ones! I like to imagine it’s like having hundreds of superpowered plants releasing clean, fresh air all around me.” —Kristen Chang, director of product development

    Goop 15 MOLEKULE Air Purifier, Molekule, $799
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    goop LAB “This year marked the opening of goop Lab, our first

    brick-and-mortar, fully shoppable, Roman and Williams-designed bungalow of our dreams at the Brentwood Country Mart. We’re so thankful to Robin Standefer and Stephen Aleschfor for bringing the vision to life, but also to the vendors* who made it happen. A few of my favorite details include a Waterworks sink and faucet in both the kitchen and Clean Beauty apothecary from Roman and Williams’ R.W. Atlas line, and the custom colorway of the Garden of Hours wallpaper by Fromental, which frames the fireplace.” —Brittany Pattner, experiential creative director

    Goop 15 Goop 15 Goop 15 Goop 15

    A Normandy sink and R.W. Atlas kitchen faucets are in the goop kitchen; a second Normandy sink and R.W. Atlas Marquee lavatory faucets are in the apothecary area, where guests can wash their hands after experimenting with an edit of clean beauty products.

    Photos: courtesy of Adrian Gaut

*SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO: Exquisite Surfaces, Waterworks, The Nanz Company, Lacanche, Portola Paints & Glazes, Fromental, David Wiseman, and Heritage Tiles.