Ellsworth Kelly

This summer I had the honor of interviewing Ellsworth Kelly, one of my most favorite artists—it’s featured in this month’s Interview Magazine. —GP

Here’s a little excerpt:

“This fall, Ellsworth Kelly has two monumental shows in Munich—one museum retrospective of a lifetime of plant drawings, and another a collection of his black-and-white paintings and reliefs—as well as an exhibition in Boston of his natural wood sculptures. These come on the heels of a number of other shows featuring Kelly in 2011, including a display of recent two-panel relief works at Matthew Marks Gallery this past spring. (Kelly is also designing the facade of Matthew Marks’ first Los Angeles gallery space, set to open in January.) That’s a lot on the plate of any artist, let alone an 88-year-old one who has been pioneering abstraction since the 1940s.

The sky was bright blue on the July afternoon that collector and admirer Gwyneth Paltrow visited Kelly to take a tour of his headquarters and ask him questions about his life in the arts.

GWYNETH PALTROW: When did you first start making three-dimensional paintings?

KELLY: In Paris in the late ’40s, I started making my first reliefs. They are separate panels. I wanted to do something coming out of the wall, almost like a collage. I did a lot of white reliefs when I started because I liked antique reliefs, really old stuff.”

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Photograph by Jack Shear