The Best Date Outfits


Finding the perfect date outfit is probably the biggest sartorial challenge around—particularly when you’re trying to strike the exact right note. Going over-dressed feels cringe-y, but acting like you don’t care is a no-go too. Depending on the destination and the occasion, we typically try to hit it right between—jeans with a pretty blouse; a dress with sneakers; something that looks just a tiny bit to sexy to work for the office…but could swing both ways.

In our book, the main no-no’s are shoes that you can’t walk in, or anything that might make you feel uncomfortable when you’re out on the date. I.e., if you’re going to spend the night worrying about whether your blouse is too revealing or your dress too short, it’s not the right choice. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable, you want to feel attractive and sexy, and you want to feel like yourself!