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It is (sort of) starting to look like Spring and with that in mind, our friends at new members-only shopping site, Moda Operandi, have rounded up tips from New York fashion industry experts on how to prepare for the new season. Here’s how to get organized, store your winter clothing, take expert care of your garments, and a look into what’s in this season from one of Moda’s founders, Lauren Santo Domingo.

Lauren Santo Domingo on spring trends

  1. Stripes: The ubiquitous sailor stripe is not going anywhere. Stella McCartney started with a shift toward bigger, bolder stripes last fall and Prada firmly staked this trend in fashion history. Big bold stripes in jarring colors are the way to go, and the really daring will wear stripes with other stripes, patterns and lots of color. (P.S., get on this trend right away, because NEXT season is all about the polka dot!)

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  2. Clutch: The It-bag is now the Was-bag. Get out your dust covers and store those big caryalls. The fashion flock this season was tucking their cellphones, Chanel lipsticks, and fashion show invites into minimalist clutches for day. The bold and the beautiful are leaning towards clutches of similar description. Celine is offering cobalt blue, yellow, and orange. (Extra-credit: This Cobalt blue is THE go-to color for Spring!)

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  3. Full Skirt: Worn by day, the long skirt—whether full or pleated—is completely at ease anywhere. I like to see this silhouette paired with flats; the juxtaposition of the two make it a more casual and languid look. Wear with an oversized blazer, a belted cardigan, or even a bomber jacket to complete the look.

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  4. Neon: Many fashion insiders compare Fashion Weeks to a traveling circus…. This season, the colors definitely resemble the Big Top. This trend is for the girl who does not want to wear the ubiquitous camel this season, for the girl who can just cross ‘minimalist’ off her to-do list … only she’ll use a highlighter to do so …

    Tommy Ton /

  5. Accessories: Costume jewelry is having a moment. It seems that Coco Chanel’s old adage to “take one thing off before you leave the house” has been replaced by “put everything on before you leave the house.” And please, while you are at it, do break all the rules and mix big and small. Gold and silver. Costume with fine. House of Lavande and Eddie Borgo are great spots for costume jewelry.

    Tommy Ton /

  6. Statement Sandals: Losing the platform is about as liberating as it gets. This summer will mean a vacation from those turbo, sky-high shoes that tortured feet for seasons past. This spring, one can lean towards high heel sandals with kick but without having to lean against something for balance. What a novel idea!

    Tommy Ton /

  7. Red Lips: Move over stains and gloss. Lipstick is having a moment. Ditch your mother’s lip liner, though. I recommend taking some time to try out the best shade for you. The red lips, like the girl who wears them, are never boring.

    Tommy Ton /

  8. Power Suits: Men’s suiting does not mean wearing neutrals and tweed (although don’t get me wrong, that will NEVER go out of style) but this season’s suiting is more high voltage. Colorful pants and jackets are to be mixed and matched.

    Tommy Ton /

  9. Throw Some Shade: For me, nothing signals the start of spring more than sunglasses! And if ever there was a season for sunnies this is it. And anything goes …

    Tommy Ton /

  10. The Best Accessory: A Smile!: Just remember, you are never fully dressed without a smile!! Here, Arizona Muse, the breakout model from this season, shows us how it’s done.

    Tommy Ton /

Lauren Santo Domingo is a Contributing Editor to Vogue and the Co-Founder of Moda Operandi, a members-only private trunk show.

Melanie Charlton on Organizing Your Closet

1. Take Inventory and Edit: Listen up all you pack rats: it’s time to say goodbye to those high-school jeans that don’t fit! Here are the four criteria for keeping a clothing item (and sentimental value isn’t one of them!):

  • Does the item stand the test of time? (broken-in cowboy boots may not be an everyday item, but you’ll wear them again one day)

  • Would you buy the item again today if you had the chance?

  • Have you worn it in the past 12 months?

  • Is the item in good condition? (yellow pit stains or a sweater that’s pilling are not getting you anywhere! )

2. Get Organized: Put all your clothes in categories and organize into subsets to help define your style and remember what you own.

  • Match separates into like items: shirts with shirts, pants with pants, skirts with skirts, and dresses with dresses.

  • Define those categories further: long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts, 3/4 length dresses together, long dresses together, and so on and so on. Or, if your mind works differently, evening as its own section. Whichever way you categorize the sections—or find it easy for yourself to stay organized—make sure to create subsections of these sections.

  • Another trick is to color code your clothes. Organize garments light to dark, left to right (a visual merchandising trick of the trade).

  • Always use the same hanger! In the same color! This is the easiest way if you don’t have hire Clos-ette to build out your closet and design a custom system for your wardrobe to naturally fall into.

Melanie Charlton is the founder and captain of the organization design team at Clos-ette, a leader in holistic organizational design for closet and other inventory-challenged spaces. Based in NYC with discerning clientele from all over the world, Melanie and her team will go to your home, have a consultation, cull your wardrobe for what needs to stay and go, inventory and then design and hang your edited wardrobe in an all-new, perfectly designed space.

Garde Robe’s Doug Greenberg on storing your Winter Wardrobe

Spring is around the corner, and it’s time to switch your closets from winter to spring. Proper handling and maintenance of your off-season garments is critical as it can extend the life of certain pieces by several years.

  • Always make sure garments are properly cleaned prior to storing them for an extended period of time. Even if the garment looks clean, if it has been worn it may have bacteria and/or body oils that will damage the fabric if left untreated for several months. You should always remove your dry cleaner’s clear plastic bags immediately as these bags trap gasses that can cause discoloration and don’t allow the garment to breathe properly.

  • Purchase and use the proper storage supplies. Acid-free tissue, breathable garment bags, and canvas boxes are inexpensive and vital to maintaining a garment’s pristine condition. Boot trees and toe shapers for footwear and appropriate hangers are also highly recommended.

  • Proper storage conditions and ventilation are essential. Garments should not be subjected to dust, sunlight, humidity or drastic changes in temperature, so basements and attics are not recommended in most cases. Proper spacing between garments must also be taken into account. Never store furs at home as they must be stored in special cold storage units.

  • Fold all knits carefully with acid-free tissue to avoid creasing the individual fibers and place them in a breathable box with the heaviest ones on the bottom. Placing cedar and lavender sachets in the boxes works as a deterrent to moths, and is far more pleasant than moth balls. However, the sachets often contain oils so be cautious so as to avoid direct contact between the sachets and garments.

  • Hanging garments requires proper hangers and breathable garment bags. Hanger selection should take into account the type of garment and its weight. Heavy garments such as winter coats should be stored on strong, padded hangers. In most cases, pants and slacks should be hung from the hem or cuffs to avoid creasing.

Doug also provided some useful closet-organization sites


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2. Closette Too.
3. Henry Hanger.

Shoe & Boot Supplies

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2. Collonil.

Closet Accessories & Garment Care

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3. Elizabeth W.

Doug Greenberg is the Vice President of Garde Robe, the world’s first and only luxury wardrobe storage, valet and organization service. Garde Robe’s bespoke services include museum-quality archiving and preservation of evening wear, vintage and couture collections; first-class storage for off-season clothing, footwear and accessories; luggage-packing and shipping service worldwide, signature Cyber Closets featuring professional photography; and expert garment care and valet services.