The Perfect Bra

Lingerie is one of those things that you’re either really excited to buy (and wear)—or see as the most tedious, uninspiring essential. We felt like there had to be a better way: Beautiful lingerie that’s not so fancy you can’t wear it everyday, but prettier than granny panties.

We love a bralette—particularly because it feels like something that isn’t excessively restrictive has to be better for the lymphatic system, which is a profound part of the breast (the lymphatic system moves blood, fluid, et al through the body). But we also know that a bralette just isn’t a reality for those of us who are bustier—and so we found the most understated underwires around. And then we asked the good people over at Le Mystere (who do bra fittings via Skype) for some tips on ensuring that you’re wearing the correct bra (and not cutting into, or restricting your boob)—after all, there’s a crazy statistic about the number of us who are walking around wearing the wrong size.

Here, a few tips from our Skype session with Le Mystere, because getting your strap size and cup size isn’t enough.

  1. The strap around your midsection should be tight—not uncomfortable, but tight (this is the area below the underwire). There should be very little tension in the shoulder straps. They should be fitted, but not actually holding the bra up.
  2. You should be able to get this snug feeling by starting with the hooks on the end. As the bra stretches over time, move into the next set of hooks. When you reach the final set of hooks, it’s time to toss the bra when the strap no longer feels snug. Keep in mind that bras with a front closure can’t be accommodated when they stretch.
  3. Bra cup is inconsequential if you don’t pay attention to the shape of your boob. If the weight of your breast sits a bit lower, you need a demi-cup; if your boob is the same size all-around, you need a full cup. There should be no gapping.

* Meanwhile, if you want to get your lymphatic system really going, try the rebounder, i.e., the mini trampoline—Tracy Anderson has a video that revolves around it.