The Lingerie Drawer Update

Sure, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sexy lingerie, but isn’t it kind of silly that we wait for a special occasion to bust out the good stuff? Because pretty can be comfortable, too (in fact, for many, nothing is sexier than a basic pair of white cotton panties). Plus, the beginning of a new year is a great excuse to revamp an underwear drawer overrun with American Apparel thongs that have seen one too many trips to the washing machine. To help you get started, we’re introducing the goop lingerie shop—up all month—which we stocked with a little something for everyone, even if you max out at short-sleeve pajamas on the risqué meter. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find a few foreplay-worthy things you might be too embarrassed to buy in a store.

We asked Jennifer Zuccarini—the founder, designer, and creative director of goop favorite Fleur du Mal—for her expert lingerie care tips:

“My official professional advice is to hand wash lingerie in cold water and lay flat to dry—but secretly, I throw everything in the machine. The trick is to put like garments in mesh lingerie bags (panties in one, bras in another so the hooks don’t snag) and wash on the delicate cycle, with cold water, and a mild detergent like Woolite or Mrs Meyer’s, though my absolute favorite is from The Laundress. Now, this is crucial: Never, ever put anything delicate in the dryer as it’s guaranteed to ruin everything, so hang or lay flat to dry instead.”

Prep Your Skin to be Seen

Dry brushing is an ancient technique that’s known to instantly soften skin, increase blood flow, and, most impressive of all, help temporarily mask the appearance of cellulite. Finish with a gently scented body oil. (You can find our complete guide to dry brushing here.)