The Fall Denim Guide


It’d be one thing if finding the perfect jeans was solely contingent on taste, but more often than not, it’s a delicate balance between what appeals and what flatters. In preparation for fall, goop staffers with all different body shapes stepped out of their denim comfort zone to try something new.


  • The Ask: “I’ve yet to find a boyfriend jean that works for me; my thighs and butt are muscular for my height (I’m 5’4), so I always feel like the slouchy fit makes me look short and wide.”
  • The Solve: The key is to find a pair that sit higher on the waist, but are a bit more fitted through the thighs. To keep legs looking long, roll up or tailor the hem so the ankles are exposed.


  • The Ask: “I have an athletic build (muscular thighs, small waist), so I stuck to low-waisted boyfriend jeans all through college. Now that I’m getting closer to graduation, I’d like to find something more polished.”
  • The Solve: As a rule, solid dark washes read more polished; ample stretch, a mid-rise, and straight leg go a long way in creating one long, lean line, especially when dressed up with pumps.


  • The Ask: “I’m constantly on the lookout for easy, not-too-tight jeans—I’m petite, and so I generally gravitate to pretty laid-back choices that aren’t overwhelming.”
  • The Solve: Cropped jeans with a utilitarian, slightly vintage vibe pair exceptionally well with boots and equally casual separates. The goal to to find a fit that hovers somewhere between skinny and boyfriend. 


  • The Ask: “While I find mid-rise jeans to be the most comfortable, I’ve yet to find a pair that doesn’t create too much contrast between my thighs and ankles—which makes my legs look like drumsticks. I usually just end up wearing a lot of skirts.” 
  • The Solve: A culotte is essentially an approximated skirt, and when paired with even the tiniest heel they elongate and flatter legs. Stick to tops that can be tucked in to avoid looking frumpy.


  • The Ask: “I love flares, but I’m tall-ish and have no curves—zilch. I can never find a pair that’s long enough to wear with heels—and if they’re long enough, they’re too droopy at the butt and through the leg.”
  • The Solve: High-waisted wide legs tend to run longer and straighter through the leg, which means they don’t have to be skin-tight.


  • The Ask: “I’m a mom, and I like high-waisted jeans that hold it all in a bit—but those often come as bootcut jeans, which don’t really work for me because I like to wear flats. I’m always looking for something straight through the leg that’s not a jegging, because, you know, I don’t need to look any hippier than I already am.”
  • The Solve: High-waisted jeans that are slim through the leg but not super tapered—they work with both flats and heels, just in case something fancier is required.


  • The Ask: “Skinny jeans are my everyday uniform and I’m very particular about length (ankle bone or shorter, please) and where they sit on the waist (not too high). Unfortunately, I feel like the only thing that works on top is some form of fitted tee.”
  • The Solve: The beauty of a jean that doesn’t sit too high or too low is that you can do the half-tuck and still keep the waist defined, a move that works great with button downs, blouses, and knits. 


  • The Ask: “In general, I like roomy, conceptual denim—yes, there’s such a thing!—but boyfriend jeans don’t seem very office-appropriate.”
  • The Solve: Cropped wide-legs are essentially the trouser’s cool younger sister. The prerequisite to making this shape work is to balance with a heel—which conveniently is ideal for the office—and a curve-hugging top (a sleek blazer is our top pick). 
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