Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

Whether you chose to do it online or IRL, shopping for sunglasses can be a daunting task. And while it’s not an exact science, knowing what shapes and colors compelement your face type significantly ups success rates. Below, we break down the basics.


Lucky you—an oval face shape is flattered by just about any style of frames, so feel free to play with ambitious textures, colors, and angles.


To balance out a rounder face, opt for contrast: thin, sharp, and angular frames, like  the forever-chic cat-eye and more modern geometric shapes, are best.


The proportions of a heart-shaped face are well suited for  light-colored or translucent frames that are thinner at the temples, or thicker at the bottom.


Curvier frames set off angular features, which means your best bet is to invest in cool, cult-classic frames—essentially, anything with a ‘60s or ‘70s vibe.