Straight to the Source: M.Gemi

So how good is this: M.Gemi, which launched on Monday, is a direct-to-consumer shoe line that’s sourced and hand-crafted in Italy. Apparently there are 10,000-odd small, family-run factories throughout the country that are sitting idle, since a majority of brands have moved production to the Far East. (Some of the high-end fashion lines remain, though their shoes are incredibly expensive.) So M.Gemi decided to disrupt the industry, banking on the idea that women are happy to put a higher premium on beautiful, hand-crafted Italian shoes than on the label inside. We are into it: There are some good-looking heels and flats in the ranks, and everything is priced under $300. What’s even better is that they ship each pair with a #makesomeroom bag: A pre-paid and labeled pouch that you can use to ship shoes you might no longer wear to Dress for Success.