Calliope Furniture

Now Open: Calliope

We have a weakness for power couples, so it was probably inevitable that we would fall in love with Calliope, a just-opened furniture and interiors shop in the West Village from creative duo Michael and Caroline Ventura. The light-filled space offers a mix of what the Venturas themselves would buy, whether it is Mid-Century modern furniture, antique rugs, collectible magazines, or luggage they brought back from a trip to Morocco. The store is also a showroom for Caroline’s jewelry line, BRVTVS and furniture that they make after-hours.

Calliope is only the most recent product of the Venturas’ spiderweb of creative outputs. In fact, the store is located in the same West Village building that houses their apartment, Caroline’s jewelry studio, Michael’s creative agency, Sub Rosa, and a connected rental space called And & And. As a loose add-on, they’re also connecting clients with experts from their network for intimate lessons in boutique crafts like flower arranging and butchery. Side note: Stop by on the weekend for quality time with the mascot of the operation, an adorably shaggy Wirehaired Pointing Griffon name Darryl.