Next-Level Accessories (and How to Wear Them)

Next-Level Accessories
(and How to Wear Them)

Next-Level Accessories (and How to Wear Them)

Following fashion week coverage can be equal parts inspiring and perplexing. For one thing, big runway moments don’t always make successful transitions into real-life. Carefully introducing forward-thinking accessories—a fresh handbag or boot, for example—allows you to flirt with a trend without making a head-to-toe commitment.

Protect Your Investment

Locals have relied on the brick-and-mortar outpost of this Malibu institution to breathe new life into their accessories—everything from overworked work totes to broken heels to beloved family heirlooms—for decades. Which is why it’s particularly exciting that they’ve made their repair services available nationally. The Purse Rehab program (belts, shoes, wallets in need of TLC are also welcome) allows you to ship damaged, stained, torn, or generally tired accessories directly to their Malibu workshop. Two to six weeks later, they’ll ship your treasured item back in almost-like-new shape. The service menu is blessedly simple to navigate: Pick from three pre-priced packages based on the amount of wear and tear; more complex cases get a custom quote. Best of all, they’ll send your pieces back with practical at-home maintenance tips so you can hold onto them for years to come.