Kind of Essential: Cobbler Concierge

Jim’s Shoe Repairing on the Upper East Side is an old-school operation that’s been in the Rocco family for three generations—it’s also probably the last company anyone would expect to get into the tech business. But Cobbler Concierge, the Roccos’ partnership with tech entrepreneurs Pettus Randall and Rebecca Haarlow, is bent on becoming the über for shoe repair. The site has all of the trappings of other hyper-convenient service experiences: Place your order (shoes are a flat $60, regardless of how intensive the repair required; bags start at $200), and they’ll send you a specially-designed box. Ship your shoes to their warehouse in Queens, where they’ll be shined, resoled, repaired, and returned to your doorstep. Shoes come back as good as (and honestly, sometimes better than) new, every time. They handle resoling, broken heels, and even worn-out or broken handbags.