Ask Laurie: Non-Dorky Walking Shoes?

Ask Laurie: Non-Dorky Walking Shoes

Dear Laurie, I’m heading to Europe—Paris, then Switzerland for Art Basel—and need to pack a pair of shoes that are equal parts cool-looking and functional; something that will get me through a day of sightseeing, then accommodate my best gallery-girl outfit at night. —Diana R.*

Dear Diana, While it can be tough to find a shoe that sits at the intersection of true comfort and artist’s girlfriend chic, it’s definitely not impossible. You can go the always-reliable Birkenstock route when in doubt—though if you’re looking for something more fashion-forward, a strappy flatform shoe can do the trick. (The key is to balance a chunkier shape with a wide leg jean or culotte.) Need something straight-up ladylike? Go for a sleek, Audrey Hepburn-esque ballet flat.

*Fun fact: Diana is a goop-er, our brilliant director of operations.

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