Ask Laurie: Can Turtlenecks Be Relevant?

Ask Laurie: Can Turtlenecks be Relevant?


Ask Laurie: Can Turtlenecks be Relevant?

Dear Laurie, There’s a certain point in the year when I start dressing for warmth rather than style. This means layers on layers—plus scarves, coats, and clunky, insulated boots on top of that. Is there a way that I can stay cozy and still look chic? — Cyd, MD

Dear Cyd, After surviving many NYC winters, I’ve learned that practicality doesn’t have to trump aesthetics. For me, cracking the code came in the form of a knit wool turtleneck. It’s easy to layer (both under chunkier sweaters and over skin-tight knits), not too bulky, and keeps your neck and chest snug, too. And the turtleneck doesn’t have to live up to its frumpy reputation, either: The ones below are modern, effortless, and play really well with other wintertime essentials.

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