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A Tulum Energy Cleanse, Edible Emojis
& 13 Other Things We’re Talking About


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    Didion Doc “The Center Cannot Hold, a Netflix documentary directed by Didion’s nephew Griffin Dunne, outlines the writer’s glamorous, heartbreaking life through interviews and generous quotation from her work, which she reads aloud. It’s powerful to see her—eighty-two years old, five-foot-nothing frame, and at the same time, to hear her austere and beautiful words in her own voice: steady, resounding, assured; undiminished by time.” —Matt Wrather, VP of technology


  • Goop 15 ATLAS MILLS
    Salt and Pepper Grinders goop, $155

    TOOLS OF THE TRADE “I love to cook, and this is the time of year I like to splurge on fun stuff for the kitchen! These brass and copper grinders are both useful and beautiful.” —Tina Lovinggood, senior director, sourcing


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    SOGI’S HONEY BAKESHOP “I came across Brooklyn-based Sogoal Zolghadri of Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop while I was planning a recent goop event. Her custom, hand-drawn creations are beautiful, but also totally satisfy your sweet tooth.” —Abby Brown, events manager


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    BOTTOMS UP “My wife and I are obsessed with this cozy little wine bar in Chinatown called Oriel from the same people that opened Bar Covell and Augustine. The atmosphere is dark with a neon glow, and last time we were there the soundtrack was a surprisingly great medley of 80’s soft rock. Oh, and the best part: There’s an honest-to-goodness parking lot!” —Evan Moore, VP of product


  • Goop 15 WISDOM PANEL 4.0
    Wisdom Panel, $85

    PUPPY LOVE “My wife and I are asking for a DNA test from Wisdom Panel for Christmas for our newly adopted puppy, Spot. We got him from the pound, so his ancestry is currently a mystery!” —Julian Ordaz-Fernandez, merchandising operations manager


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    BAR AVIGNON “On a cold, dark, wet winter evening in Portland, Bar Avignon is my favorite place to be. It’s warm, cozy, the staff couldn’t be more welcoming, and it’s where I first discovered the deliciousness of a Paloma. The menu is seasonal which is the perfect bargaining chip for making my family come along every time I’m home.” —Jane Neiman, community coordinator


  • Goop 15 On view through Jan. 7, 2018

    WHAT A TRIP “I just went to see the “Volez, Voges, Voyagez,” an exhibition staged by Louis Vuitton at the former American Stock Exchange building in NYC. The archives take you through the history of the fashion house, offering a glimpse into the glamorous lives of the early Vuitton clientele. Some highlights: A trunk made just to carry a set of lady’s gloves, beautiful silver tea sets in their original cases, and even a personal fold out library to keep one occupied on a long voyage! The show ends with modern-day pieces, including a trunk and LV skateboard from the famed Supreme collaboration.” —Anne Keane, contributing fashion editor


  • Goop 15 Rooms from $175 per night

    FOXFIRE MOUNTAIN HOUSE “Going back home for the holidays means getting to go to all my old haunts, and one of my favorite places is the Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills. It’s an old schoolhouse-turned-inn with a fantastic restaurant and bar. The restaurant is only open on Sundays and it’s family-style, but totally worth it.” —Ana Hito, kitchen assistant


  • Goop 15 Rooms from $350

    SOUTH OF THE BORDER “My family is pretty gung-ho on holiday ski trips, yet in the spirit of swapping snow for sun, this year we’re Cabo-bound. And what I’m really looking forward to is getting my hands on a Beso de Katrina, the herb-smoked mezcal cocktail at Acre Baja—my favorite farm-to-table restaurant in Cabo. Think: fresh-catch tacos, lush surroundings, and a cool, contemporary tree-house design.” —Alyssa Nelsen, creative copywriter


  • Goop 15 JEM ORGANICS
    Cashew Curry Tahini Jem Organics, $13

    JEM ORGANIC NUT BUTTERS “These organic nut butters are my new obsession. Jen Moore and her team whips up some of the most inventive flavors, from Superberry Almond Butter to Cashew Curry Tahini, all of which are equally as satisfying on toast, in smoothies, or straight from the jar.”—Stacey Lindsay, editor


  • Goop 15 Photo: Claus Brenchenmacher

    ENERGY CLEANSE “I spent four stress-melting hours at Yaan Wellness Energy Spa in Tulum earlier this year, and I’m fantasizing about going back, handing over my credit card, and just moving in. The spa, which is owned by Be Tulum, is equal parts chic and jungle oasis. Part of my treatment included a traditional energetic limpia, which consisted of copal cleansing, an herb cleansing, and my masseuse rubbing a raw egg (in the shell, don’t worry!) over my body to capture my energy flow. At the end, they cracked the egg in a glass of water, which is supposed to metaphorically show my emotional and physical blockages. My masseuse sweetly told me that a large bubble in my egg meant I needed to learn how to relax and clear my thoughts…which is all the more reason for me to book that trip back.” —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications


    Ho Ho
    Folded Cards Paper Chase Press,
    Set of 12, $24

    NICE LIST “Spending a Sunday evening writing Christmas cards and watching The Holiday is one of my favorite traditions. My friend Nicole Katz runs her family’s LA-based, zero-waste printing house, Paper Chase Press, and they always stock their online shop with these great, graphic foil-stamped cards. I placed a big order for the ones that feature 2017 with an “x” through it—and a few extras of Ho, Ho. for some of my best friends back in New York.” —Nandita Khanna, editorial director


  • Goop 15 CINNAMON
    PROJECTS x goop
    Circa Incense Burner goop, $345

    INCENSE BURNER “I’m a huge fan of crystals and incense, so this immediately caught my eye. I love its sleek and organic aesthetic, and the fact that there is no clean-up required—thanks to the copper-tone brass tray—is a major plus. You can even change out the crystals depending on what mood you’re in.” —Christina Schwarzenegger, assistant editor