6 Super Hero Pieces

When it comes to closet linchpins, we believe in investing in staples that are relentless and hard-working, that can pull together even the most discordant of outfits. Below, six excellent choices that will see you through all of fall.

Superpower: They get along with everything.

Carrot Pants

These pants are named after the vegetable because they mimic its wide-on-the-top, slim-at-the-bottom shape—and give the illusion of longer legs and well-proportioned hips in the process. These are cropped at the ankle, which means they’re the ideal counterpart for work flats.

Superpower: Appropriate for almost any occasion.

Cap Sleeve Dress

The ultimate mainstay of all-season dressing, a solid cap-sleeve dress works equally well at knee- and ankle-length. The cap-sleeves highlight sun-kissed triceps; the billowy body masks whatever may need a little extra Tracy Anderson love.

Special Thanks To:

  • Photographer: Taea Thale
  • Fashion Director: Laurie Trott
  • Hair: Charles McNair / Jed Root
  • Makeup: Kristina Brown / Jed Root
  • Model: Alex Elizabeth / Photogenics
  • Studio: Cactus Cube Studio