What’s Your Spring Style Archetype?

Written by: Aura Davies


Updated on: March 27, 2023

Fashion editor: Caroline Griswold

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Shopping by style archetype is one of our favorite ways to home in on what you love, find the pieces that make you feel most like yourself, and avoid falling victim to seasonal trends. Ahead, our spring 2023 edition: Read through, find your type, and add to cart accordingly.

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Your Vibe: Classic and effortless.

The Palette: Shades of blue (heavy on the navy) and white.

Style Mantra: Buy now, wear forever.

You find the things you love and stick with them. Your favorite burger is JG Melon’s—possibly for nostalgic reasons, but you’re not open to debating it. Workout of choice: squash at the University Club (with your former college teammates). Your version of letting loose is listening to A Tribe Called Quest during your morning commute instead of the HBR podcast. Your wardrobe is timeless (just like you). Crisp white button-ups, easy shirtdresses, a boxy cropped jacket—these pieces will be just as relevant in your wardrobe 5, 10, 20 years from now. And that vintage Chanel bag? It was your nana’s.

NILI LOTAN SHIRT, goop, $450

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Your Vibe: Off-duty ballet dancer.

The Palette: Pastels, florals, and
anything everything pink.

Style Mantra: Give it a twirl.

You have a standing weekly order at your local florist: a bouquet of peonies, blush pink. Pride and Prejudice is your all-time favorite book (and the Colin Firth–Jennifer Ehle miniseries is unsurpassed, when it comes to film versions). Your ideal date is a picnic in the park (preferably with a savory galette and a bottle of rosé), followed by a moonlit stroll. Your go-to stress relief: adventures in baking (guided, of late, by Aleksandra Crapanzano’s Gâteau—which has inspired you to sign up for online French classes). Your wardrobe is sweet but not saccharine, with a strong showing of flowery prints and flowy silhouettes, plus a flamingo-pink sundress that deserves its own rom-com.


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City Girl

Your Vibe: Scandi sleek, with a citified edge.

The Palette: Black and white and chic all over.

Style Mantra: What would Carolyn Bessette wear?

You take a solo design trip to a new city each year (next up: Berlin). Your open-plan loft is designed around the vintage Le Corbusier table you found at an estate sale (expensive, but worth it—and perfectly complemented by your set of Philippe Starck ghost chairs). Drink of choice is two fingers of Hibiki, neat. You have a strict one-in, one-out rule for your closet—it’s a tight edit of clean-lined, directional silhouettes in a mostly black palette with a couple of unexpected accents (like that slim pencil skirt in nude sequins).


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Free Spirit

Your Vibe: Modern hippie.

The Palette: Wear the rainbow.

Style Mantra: Easy does it.

You live in Topanga and grow your own herbs—culinary and medicinal. Your sourdough starter (DOB: 4/12/2020) is a member of the family. You gave up your smartphone in 2019; now you use a flip phone and carry a vintage 35mm. You worship at the altar of Stevie Nicks and know all her spells by heart. You met your boyfriend at an ayahuasca retreat in Guatemala, and the two of you are always looking for new ways to expand your consciousness (latest obsession: oomancy). You love a bold print—bonus points if it’s botanical—and your wardrobe is centered around relaxed cuts with a laid-back vibe: If you can’t downward dog in it, it’s not for you.


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