woman on chair in the snow

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Which Winter Style Archetype Are You?

Few things are as entertaining as reading about yourself on the internet. It’s why we’re into astrology, enneagrams, and Myers-Briggs personality types—and why a “Which Type of Bread Are You?” quiz exists in 2020. (What’s up, fellow soft pretzels?) While your style archetype might not explain your quirks or what you’re like in a relationship, it does address the why-is-my-cart-always-so-chaotic issue, helping you narrow down your likes and dislikes, filter out the distractions, and zero in on the pieces you’ll actually wear.

woman in ski clothes

the alpinist

Your Vibe: Sleek, streamlined, and

The Palette: Performance fabrics with a pop of print.

Style Mantra: No turtleneck left behind.

You live on mountain time. You’re always down for a good après. You consider yourself highly skilled in the art of layering, and you’ve got the long underwear to prove it. Given the choice of snow or sand, you’ll pick fresh powder every time—meaning the only tan lines you’re familiar with are the ones around your goggles (don’t forget the SPF!). Whether in Sun Valley or Chamonix, staying warm is your top priority. Which isn’t to say style gets left behind. Quite the opposite. Racing stripes, slush-crushing boots, chic layers that go from slopes to lodge: Your closet is, ahem, peak perfection.

woman on bed

Photo courtesy of Mirjam Flatau

the creature of comfort

Your Vibe: Professional lounger with a puzzle habit.

The Palette: Matching sets in dreamy, muted hues.

Style Mantra: Take it easy.

You make a mean cuppa, prefer house shoes to high heels, and have at least three candles burning at any given moment: You are the queen of cozy. Prepandemic, you were the reluctant bar-hopper of your friend group, and this year has only nurtured the nester in you. Now you’re living your best hygge life. Your theme song? “La Vie en Robe.” Your perfect Sunday? Face masks and a Nancy Meyers marathon. Home isn’t just where the heart is; it’s where every part of you is these days—might as well get comfortable.

woman at the beach

Photo courtesy of Mirjam Flatau

the sun chaser

Your Vibe: Chill—as in surfer-chick-from-Malibu chill.

The Palette: Poplin and plane outfits—plus a solid pair of shades.

Style Mantra: Dress for the job vacation you want.

You’re never not glowing. Aperol spritzes are to be sipped year-round. You think sixty degrees is cold, and were this a normal year, you’d probably be basking in the sun somewhere beachy right about now. A masterful mix-and-matcher, you gravitate toward playful sets and easy separates that won’t weigh down your rose-gold Rimowa. And while it’s true that your passport has more stamps than a post office, you’re quite content soaking up the city, playing tourist in your own town, and remembering all the reasons why you call it home.

woman wearing blue dress

the eclectic

Your Vibe: DJ slash producer slash art director.

The Palette: Bold patterns and anything with statement sleeves.

Style Mantra: More is more.

You’re a free spirit. An independent thinker. A “creative,” if you will—not that you do labels. As such, you appreciate the kind of gorgeous, ground-grazing pieces that look one-of-a-kind. The top artist on your Spotify Wrapped was definitely Tame Impala, and your favorite pastime is cruising down the coast in your classic convertible, wind in your naturally wavy hair. Unaffected by fashion rules or fleeting trends, you have main-character energy and dress with confidence, which is why you can pull off practically anything (including dad sandals).

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