Late-Winter Style Updates That’ll Work through Spring

Late-Winter Style Updates
That’ll Work through Spring

By late January, winter closets everywhere are ready for a little reprieve—and on unseasonably sunny days, your bare legs might just get one. But for now, here’s the key to mindfully shaking up your uniform: Skip the dust-gatherers you’ll wear only once. Instead, invest in timeless pieces and explore trends that interpret the classics in modern ways. Below, the top five style updates that come with a safety net.

No. 1


Swap head-to-toe black for earthy olive—the perfect allover neutral for shouldering the postholiday, pre-spring midseason. Once things warm up, that striped-sweater-and-loafers combo will work just as well with denim shorts and crisp white trousers.

street fashion- olive street fashion- olive

No. 2


The quickest way to lighten up your winter uniform? A bag versatile enough to carry every day (bonus points for excellent ROI). From Acne to Chloé, this season’s new crop plays with texture, color, and hardware but keeps the shapes simple and trend-defying.

No. 3


This combo is the three-season tasting menu of outfitting: trousers, because it’s not actually spring yet; a shirtdress, the reliable one-and-done you’ll turn to when it is; and a pair of platform sandals you’ll wear all summer.

woman walking woman walking

No. 4


The blazer is predisposed to versatility, and we love this unexpected take on suiting. Tucked into anything with a high rise—belted trousers, a paper-bag waist—this pairing works as well for answering emails as it does for an evening out.

No. 5


Juxtaposing street-smart and sand-friendly pieces creates a chic, modern silhouette—and a refreshing break from deep winter’s bulkier combos. A cropped denim jacket and a spotless pair of sneakers are buys you’ll wear now and be grateful for when you’re packing for that first summer Friday.

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