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The Essentials to Throw in Your Weekend Bag

Traveling light is great in theory. But when you’re strapped for time, firing off last-minute emails, and dealing with laundry/kids/dog/etc., your strategic brain tends to take a back seat to your overwhelmed brain. To help lighten the load, you’ll need: 1) a foolproof weekender bag (size limits are a good thing, people), 2) smart, down-for-whatever layers that’ll ensure you’re always prepared, and 3) restraint. These should get you started.

    1. the perfect carryall

      (Did we mention it’s reversible?)

    2. Army green bag with black handles LumillaMingus x goop
      goop, $1,050
    1. 1

    2. Streamlined Bikini

      When you’re not chasing waves, lose the strap for lounging around.

    3. Army green bandeau top G. Label
      Convertible Bandeau
      goop, $170
    4. army green bottoms G. Label
      High-Rise Briefs
      goop, $150
    5. 2

    6. Linen Set

      Because there’s nothing wrong with options: Wrap it around a bikini at the beach, and then ditch the suit for
      a night out.

    7. Lisa Marie Fernandez Blouse and Skirt and Azlee Necklace on figure
    8. Lisa Marie Fernandez Blouse, goop, $395; Lisa Marie Fernandez Skirt, goop, $475; Azlee Necklace, goop, $3,360

    9. 3

    10. Elegant Earrings

      A thirty-second outfit upgrade for everything from a tee and jeans to that
      linen set.

    11. Gold hoop earrings with dangling pearl Mounser
      goop, $165
    1. 4

    2. Tortoise Shades

      The kind of classic sunglasses that are just as pretty as they
      are protective.

    3. tortoise sunglasses Lowercase
      Lowercase, $325
    4. 5

    5. Classic Shirting

      It doubles as an easy beachside cover-up when you’re not tucking it into your summery jean shorts
      (see: number 8).

    6. 3/4 sleeve baby blue button down with collar Miné Mediterranean
      goop, $400
    7. 6

    8. Packable Hat

      Here’s a fun fact: This resilient straw is designed to bounce back, so you can pack it up without it—or you—getting all bent out of shape.

    9. Tan straw hat Janessa Leoné
      Janessa Leoné, $207
    1. 7

    2. Beauty Balm

      Lightly dabbed on your cheeks or swiped across your lips, this your-face-but-better balm is a two-for-one score that nestles neatly in any pocket.

    3. Pink stick balm Olio E Osso
      goop, $28
    4. 8

    5. Jean Shorts

      Elevated shorts for people who don’t do jean shorts.

    6. White denim shorts G. Label
      Mel Jean Shorts
      goop, $250
    7. 9

    8. Slinky Sleepwear

      It’s sexy. It’s strappy. But the real highlight here: It takes up zero room
      in your bag.

    9. Skin Dress
    10. Skin Slip Dress, goop, $68

    1. 10

    2. (Clean!) SPF

      Protective zinc oxide? Hydrating argan oil? Sinks-right-in, sheer matte finish? Yes, yes, and hell yes.

    3. White tube with blue writing Vive Sana
      Daily Protezione
      goop, $55
    4. 11

    5. Wear-Everywhere Sandals

      Delightfully understated, these just-fancy-enough sandals are the perfect casual counterpoint to every
      breezy hemline.

    6. Tan and black sandal with black toe hole K Jacques
      goop, $290
    1. 12

    2. Cozy Cashmere

      Pulled on post-beach, draped over your shoulders for dinner, curled up on the couch—the ROI on this seafaring sweater is immediate.

    3. G. Label Lucy Striped Funnel-Neck Sweater and G. Label Robinson Denim A-Line Miniskirt on figure
    4. G. Label Lucy Striped Funnel-Neck Sweater, goop, $595; G. Label Robinson Denim A-Line Miniskirt, goop, $295