elise loehnen

The Vulva-Curious
Psychonauts behind
Our Netflix Show—
and Custom Tees

The goop Lab is here, and so is the special-edition merch we designed to celebrate it. Each tee corresponds to a different episode, but they all have this in common: a not-too-tight, not-too-loose fit that tucks like a dream into denim, skirts, sweats, whatever. Our favorite part? The soft cotton-modal fabric ideal for—you guessed it—a good Netflix binge.

One hundred percent of the profits from sales of this tee will be donated to the Australia Wildfire Fund.

Read on to learn more about the wellness topics we explore in each episode of the show—and the goop staffers brave enough to try them out (on camera).


Psychonaut Tee

goop, $55

We kick off the series with a bang: Four goop staffers fly to Jamaica to experience magic mushrooms firsthand. Jenny, pictured here, went on quite a journey. After some time to reflect, she shared a moving essay describing what she was going through.


Cold Shower Tee

goop, $55

Don’t knock it till you try it. Heaven was one of a group of staffers we sent to snowy Lake Tahoe to learn the Wim Hof Method, which involves a lot of breathing and a lot of being cold. You’ll learn more about who Hof is—and why he makes a compelling case for the humble cold shower—when you watch the show.


Vulva Tee

goop, $55

We get it: Talking about sex can be difficult, and talking openly about our anatomy can be shocking, too. But as Lexi and her fellow staffers learned in “The Pleasure Is Ours,” it is also almost always liberating.


Pegan Tee

goop, $55

No, we didn’t misspell “pagan.” In the fourth episode, “The Health-Span Plan,” Gwyneth, Elise, and Wendy (our model here) try three different diets to see who can shave the most years off of their biological age.


Can’t Drain Me of
This Energy Tee

goop, $55

It’s a vibe. In the penultimate episode of the season, Elise is one of a few staffers who get on tables with John Amaral, DC, who can seemingly manipulate energy fields like a puppeteer—with eerie and powerful results. And no, she did not have an exorcism; that’s just kind of what it looks like.


Intuit Tee

goop, $55

In the episode about intuition, Caitlin is one of a group of staffers who do a series of intuition-developing workshops with famed medium Laura Lynne Jackson—and Caitlin gets a blind reading. We cried when we watched it, and we cried again when we read her moving essay about grief.