The Case for
a Minimal (and
Mindful) Closet

“If I haven’t worn something in a month, it goes,” says goop fashion director Ali Pew, taking a near-Darwinian stance on the topic of decluttering. Natural selection plays a key role in Pew’s approach: You see, this woman spends her days in the goop fashion closet, so running a tight wardrobe is her job.

Granted, one month may sound a little extreme—and if you live in a place with seasons, feel free to amend to six months. Even so, donating clothes we once loved can feel a little heartless, and prioritizing which pieces are worthy of hanger real estate can get a little emotional. But bridging the gap between a sappy goodbye and a cathartic release can be as simple as implementing a few positive changes. So if your main thrill in life is a closet makeover, well then, kudos to you. But if you require a bit more hand-holding, here’s a step—okay, six—in a more mindful direction towards a minimal closet.

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    You know that one beautiful black-tie dress that sees the light of day regularly? Hang on to it. Tight. As for the rest of your party pieces, the ones you’ve worn once, twice, or maybe not at all: Cut your losses. When event-bound, save the closet space and rely on services like Rent the Runway (Unlimited from $159/month) or Armarium (price per garment varies) to take care of your one-off special-occasion needs.

  • Models wearing Rent The Runway

    Photo courtesy of Rent the Runway

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    What if you could hit refresh on your go-tos—the funnel-neck knits, silky midi skirts, and boyfriend blazers—every four weeks? Vince Unfold sets you up with unlimited access to the brand’s entire women’s collection, so you won’t have to switch over your closet seasonally. In addition to the flat fee ($160 a month), you have the option to make it official with your favorites. The four-garment plan comes with complimentary priority shipping, infinite exchanges and returns, and on-the-house laundering services.

  • Vince Dry Cleaning

    Photo courtesy of Vince

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    Your best handbag should be the last thing you replace. (That’s the reason it came with a dust bag.) Whether your beloved suede PS1 bag is tattered at the edges or you’re making good on your investment and turning your logo It bag into a logo waist belt, Purse Rehab has your back. Mail in the accessory in question and the service will restore, refurbish, and completely transform it.

  • Photo courtesy of Purse Rehab

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    Rather than go out looking for the latest and greatest, think about that one item you’d want replaced, time and time again, season after season. In this spirit, we tapped a few goop staffers to share the closet heroes they’d buy in bulk given the option.

    • Black Sweater
      Net-a-Porter, $1,920
    • “This sweater is the perfect weight and shape and works with just about any pants, skirt, even over a dress—I could wear it the rest of my life. I take it on every trip. It’s put-together enough for dinner but also throws on easily at the beach. And the quality of the cashmere is amazing. But every year, I want a fresh new one—simply because I love it so much! I always stick to my black-and-navy uniform, so I know it will work for life.” —Ali Pew, fashion director

    • Blue Blouse
      goop, $540
    • “Wear-all-day blouses don’t have a long shelf life. That goes double for pretty pastel ones. For some semimasochistic reason, there’s nothing I love more than wearing a palate-cleansing button-down with jeans and black riding boots. Khaite’s always have subtle feminine twists and turns that perk up the classic look. For now, I’ll save mine for outings that don’t involve spaghetti or red wine, but if I could get my hands on a new one each season, I’d be in heaven.” —Charlotte Ross Canet, creative copywriter

    • Beige Boyfriend Cardigan
      NILI LOTAN Cardigan
      goop, $595
    • “As I’ve had kids, aged, etc., I’ve begun to subscribe to a uniform—it just makes everything easier and my closet more manageable. It’s typically some sort of high-waisted culotte pants or jeans situation, a G. Label T-shirt or button-down of some sort, and a cardigan. I have a grey Rochas cardigan that I’ve worn 156 times this year (yep, 3 times week), and I am eyeing its replacement: This perfect Nili Lotan cardigan that’s an ideal LA weight.” —Elise Loehnen, chief content officer

    • Shoes
      ZESPA sneakers
      24 Sèvres, $352
    • “I love the look of crisp white leather sneakers, but they never look as pristine as the day you get them, which sends me down a shame spiral. Without fail, I scrape, scuff, and mark them up. I’m accepting my shortcomings and putting them on a replenishment system. I’m obsessed with the ones by Zespa: The leather is buttery soft, and the tongue comes in a deep blue or burgundy to add a bit of polish.”
      —Noora Raj Brown, VP of communications