The Annual Goop Closet Sale

Last year, we did a big story on closet organization, and in the process, sold a handful of pieces on behalf of three charities. It was such a success that we decided to do it again, and enlisted some friends-of-goop who have particularly outstanding personal style to help—this year, 100 percent of the profits benefit DonorsChoose, a charity where where public school teachers can directly ask for help fulfilling specific classroom needs. Kate Hudson gave us a gorgeous Balenciaga dress, Miranda Kerr agreed to part with a handful of dresses and tops perfect for summer, model / music producer Caroline de Maigret donated some treasured designer pieces (hello Chanel sweatshirt!), Nicole Richie handed over two pairs of Christian Louboutins—and Beyoncé gave us a pair of heels from her latest tour (shoes we just might have to buy ourselves). Meanwhile, there are 23 pieces from the home team, ranging from a perfect leather jacket by Isabel Marant to a brand-new Proenza Schouler bag. #goopgiving



Caroline de Maigret


Nicole Richie


Miranda Kerr


Kate Hudson


Gwyneth Paltrow


Goop Giving

Get To Know This Amazing Charity

We’re thrilled to donate the profits from this year’s Closet Sale to DonorsChoose, a groundbreaking non-profit that enables public school teachers to crowdsource funds for their classrooms directly from the public. In 2000, Charles Best, a former Bronx public school teacher founded the innovative platform, after dipping into his own pocket to outfit his classroom with the barest of essentials—a standard practice for teachers in areas of need. Today, DonorsChoose helps teachers in more than half of America’s public school enrich their students’ education, whether it’s through pen, paper, and textbooks, cooking classes, or field trips to the science museum and tickets to the opera. Teachers submit their classroom needs and desires, and donors can look through the requests and fund their asks directly. It’s pretty amazing, making it no surprise that DonorsChoose has moved $232 million in donations through the public school system since it launched. We’ve selected a handful of projects to support through 100 percent of the proceeds of the Closet Sale—if there’s nothing in the sale that catches your eye, please consider donating directly. The students of Martin Luther King Magnet School in Schenectady, New York and Jerry Junkins Elementary School in Carrollton, Texas need your support!