If you haven’t yet read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, then you’re alone. Like, where-have-you-been alone. A bestseller about a million times over, the de-cluttering guide is infectious, to the extent that it ran through the goop team like a bad summer cold, prompting us all to, as Kondo dictates, hold every item in our closets and determine whether it fills us with joy. If no feeling of unbridled love and excitement swelled in our hearts, we thanked the item for its service and sent it to a better home (Dress For Success). On average, we each decimated our closets by 70%–or Kondo’d them, as it’s now a verb. (See more on the method here.)

In advance of our Annual goop Closet Sale, we sent some of our favorite fellow #fempire entrepreneurs the book. Jennifer Aniston, who has hair line, Living Proof, gave us some pretty great Alaäa booties among other treasures; Jessica Alba, who is kicking a*% over at The Honest Company donated a perfect, low-key outfit; Reese Witherspoon, who just launched Southern-inspired lifestyle line, Draper James, parted with a handful of really beautiful accessories; Stella McCartney, who has built one of the most impressive fashion empires around gave us some one-of-a-kind treasures; and GP gave up several of her go-tos, including a special goop collab piece.

All proceeds benefit two great charities devoted to helping kids. We’re back again with DonorsChoose, an incredible organization that empowers teachers to crowd-fund school supplies and experiences for their in-need classrooms, and are thrilled to introduce Children’s Rights to the goop giving family. Children’s Rights is a national watchdog organization that sues states on behalf of foster children, ensuring that they get adequate support and resources; as one of the most vulnerable and under-voiced groups in this country, Children’s Rights is doing incredibly important work as their advocates. You can learn more about both organizations below–if nothing in the sale piques your interest, please consider donating directly! These kids need our support.

Goop Giving

Get to know these amazing charities

  • Children’s Rights

    Founded in 1995 by long-time Civil Rights attorney, Marcia Robinson Lowry, Children’s Rights was born out of the basic fact that children in the foster care system have no voice, and little in the way of protection and representation. While some kids flourish in loving homes, others are often torn apart from their siblings, and placed in dangerous situations where no one is safeguarding their future. It may seem backward, but Children’s Rights sues states to win more resources for these often neglected and abused kids, including lower social worker-to-children ratios and other essentials, like access to food, healthcare, and education. As the organization explains, “Children’s Rights uses the law to hold governments accountable and defend thousands of kids when foster care systems fail. We have secured court orders mandating top-to-bottom child welfare reform in more than a dozen states.”

    Donate here
  • DonorsChoose

    DonorsChoose is a groundbreaking non-profit that enables public school teachers to crowdsource funds for their classrooms directly from the public. In 2000, Charles Best, a former Bronx public school teacher founded the innovative platform, after dipping into his own pocket to outfit his classroom with the barest of essentials–a standard practice for teachers in areas of need. Today, DonorsChoose helps teachers in more than half of America’s public school enrich their students’ education, whether it’s through pen, paper, and textbooks, cooking classes, or field trips to the science museum and tickets to the opera. Teachers submit their classroom needs and desires, and donors can look through the requests and fund their asks directly. It’s pretty amazing, making it no surprise that DonorsChoose has moved $232 million in donations through the public school system since it launched.

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