What’s Your Summer Party Style?

Written by: Amanda Chung


Published on: July 25, 2023

Fashion editor: Caroline Griswold

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When having people over at your place, you want to wear something that’s both cute and functional. Ideally it’s something you can cook in, kick back at the dining table in, and be completely comfortable in until the last nightcap is finished. Below, four looks for four kinds of hosts.



Your Vibe: East Coaster with a penchant for classics.

The Tablescape: Fine china (that you’re not precious about) and lots of flowers.

Dream Dinner Guest: Nancy Meyers

You live on the Upper West Side and summer in Sag Harbor. As such, Fridays are for cutting out early and catching the Ambassador out east, where you’re hosting dinner for a few friends. On the menu? Ina’s angel hair, made with cherry tomatoes from Amber Waves. In your glass? Wölffer Estate’s Summer in a Bottle. Stylewise, you gravitate toward unfussy silhouettes that can hang in the city, at the farm stand, and on a string-lit patio—plus the woven accessories to spruce it all up.



Your Vibe: Scandinavian chic.

The Tablescape: Nothing but a couple of lit taper candles.

Dream Dinner Guest: Ashley Olsen

You love a clean line. You don’t do clutter. You believe, with every fiber of your being, that less really is more. Your tastefully decorated apartment, with its careful curation of treasures you’ve acquired from 1stDibs over the years, is your favorite place to gather. When it comes to hosting, you know that all you need is good food and great company—so you don’t bother with elaborate place settings. Instead, you spend that extra time putting together an outfit from your exceptionally well-maintained wardrobe.



Your Vibe: Life of the party.

The Tablescape: Lisa Corti everything.

Dream Dinner Guest: Federico Fellini

You’re adventurous, independent, and innately curious. You spent the better half of your 20s exploring Italy’s hidden gems—from Camogli to Alberobello to Cefalù—where you learned that dinner should be a leisurely, hours-long activity that stretches deep into the night. Your signature cocktail? Hugo spritz. Your hosting uniform? A flowy frock printed with large-scale florals, pin-thin heels, and a pair of clip-on earrings that can only be described as magnifica.



Your Vibe: Laid-back, with a taste for the finer things in life.

The Tablescape: Washed-linen napkins and greenery you foraged while hiking.

Dream Dinner Guest: Andrew Huberman

You start each day with a spoonful of sea moss, bee pollen is your smoothie add-on of choice, and your most important subscription is your Erewhon membership. You care about where your food comes from (a regenerative farm box from Flamingo Estate) and serve your guests only the best ingredients. You’re equally careful about other things you consume, and all your special-occasion pieces come from forward-thinking designers nudging the fashion industry in the right direction.

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