Which Spring Style Archetype Are You?

Illustration by Jenny Walton

Which Spring Style Archetype Are You?

Because the fashion gods have yet to beam down Myers–Briggs personality types for getting dressed, we dreamed ’em up ourselves. So much more than a guide to wearing the spring 2019 trends, consider this a guide to dressing for…life. Of course, to say every woman is only one thing would be reductive—there’s a little bit of the traveler, of the modern lady in all of us—but personalities do emerge. Whether it’s the movies we love, the vacations we take, or the recipes we favor, each archetype is as timeless as she is inspiring.

  1. the minimalist

    the minimalist

    If you appreciate the sharpness of a right angle, the simplicity of a clean line, the elegance of a martini glass, then you, dear friend, are a minimalist. And out of respect for your love of brevity, we’ll leave it at that.

  2. the traveler

    the traveler

    You pine for the smell of palo santo. You’ve been to Burning Man (that one time). Those talismans that you drape so effortlessly around your neck could tell a few stories. You carry energy-cleansing crystals in your straw tote and you curate your treasures from faraway lands—you are a traveler through and through.

  3. the modern lady

    the modern lady

    You take your baked Idaho potato with a healthy dollop of Petrossian caviar and wear your grandmother’s archival Carolina Herrera dresses with bare feet in the sand. Come to think of it, it’s pretty wonderful to be you.

  4. the operative

    the operative

    You’re smart, you’re resourceful, and you know your way around a checklist. Your clothes are tasteful, efficient, and nothing if not utilitarian. You are the operative: Your wardrobe uniform means business.

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