Defining Scandinavian-Girl Style

If your Instagram feed looks anything like ours, you’re probably scrolling through post after post of cute Scandinavians swaddled in candy-colored Acne Studios scarves. And if your brain works anything like ours, you’re probably wondering how you can get the look. Sure you can buy the accessory du jour off their necks, but we believe channeling your inner Scandi is more of a mindset. It’s about blending ease and elegance, color and quiet, luxury and laid-backness. But don’t take our word for it. Below, three of the aforementioned Scandinavians weigh in.



“There are many who would characterize Scandinavian style as minimalist, but I would say that it’s more about whether a look is well thought out and implemented. It’s also about being true to yourself: I am always happiest when I dress in colorful clothes with feminine details that stand out. It makes me feel like a woman.”

Model in snow Model Mirror picture



“Scandinavian style is casual, classic, comfortable, and fun. We’re not scared to experiment with new brands or styles; it’s why, I believe, we’re so fast to find trends. For me, it’s all about contrast and silhouettes, balancing the masculine and the feminine. Wearing a surprise element—like a fancy bag with a suit or chunky boots with a dress—usually does the trick.”

Model mirror picture Model posing



“The cold, wet climate we live with most of the year dictates what we wear. But we’ve mastered the elements and made it ‘hygge-chic.’ During the colder months, I almost always reach for practical things first (I hate freezing) and build on top of that with cute pieces. Inspiration comes from people around me, for sure. Subcultures and pop culture and older people. I don’t consider myself the average Scandi when it comes to my style—I am just trying to do things in a different way.”

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