Outfits for When It’s Cold and You Still Want to Kill It

Bundling up in pieces with purpose (i.e. things that layer easily and look good together) can make venturing outside in the cold not just tolerable, but downright enjoyable. Here, three elegant solutions to frigid days out that are both practical and put-together.

Nº 1: Schlep-Chic

The tried-and-true button-down is perennially effortless—and always elegant—when teamed with a simple pullover; worn with elevated Valentino sneakers, the look reads especially tomboy-chic. (Consider the striped beanie a nod to the bold-stripe shoe.)

Nº 2: Bundled Up

Pulling on Nili Lotan’s chunky cashmere turtleneck is its own reward for braving the elements for some window-shopping—it looks and feels luxurious (not to mention, pleasantly toasty), somehow managing to dress up a humble jeans-and-hiking-boots pairing. Let a heavy-duty parka do the rest of the work.

Nº 3: Elevated Athleisure

Piled-on sportswear has an unexpectedly high chic-to-comfort ratio. Case in point: this bodysuit, which as a base layer, is snug, comfortable, and a little bit sexy with the top button undone. The hoodie/puffer combo takes the guesswork out of changing scenes throughout the day—just stow the vest in your backpack if things heat up.