Outfits for Shopping & Walking

Come December, it’s hard to resist the temptation of central heating and a Netflix marathon, but life doesn’t stop at freezing, especially when there’s gift shopping to be done. Here, four smart layering formulas—comprised of pieces that aren’t a pain to peel off in the fitting room and shoes that slip on and off—to get you from sofa to street looking on point. 

Look 1

Structured sweats paired with fitted flannel is the socially acceptable alternative to wearing PJ’s in public; a classic fisherman sweater and Valentino X goop kicks also help the cause. Side note: while we don’t condone texting and walking, the concept of “texting gloves” is rad. 

Look 2

When worn together, flared jeans, a black tee, and a structured coat are a casual play on tailored separates, which feels grown up and easy at the same time. The bucket bag doubles as a backpack—a blessing if you need both hands. 

Look 3

The closer to winter we get, the more likely it is you’ll need a parka. This one is extra-warm but not too bulky, so you can get away with just a sweater underneath and a dainty cross-body bag on top.  

Look 4

Lounge pants masquerading as trousers, or vice versa—either way, when paired with a sexy lace up sweater, they’re an unfussy solution for a day that starts with strolling and ends with cocktails